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May 11, 2009 09:18 AM

Coffee shops near Massanutten/Charlottesville?

Hello, will be staying in Massanutten soon. Are there any restaurants/coffee shops nearby and in Charlottesville I should check out?


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  1. Shenandoah Joe in C'ville. There's one location downtown, but a new one on Ivy Road, which is on the Massanutten side of town (not that it is close to Massanutten). While you are on that side of town, check out Foods of All Nations for a picnic lunch or the Bellair Exxon for the best sandwiches you've ever gotten from a gas station (Birdwood, no onions is my favorite).

    What other kinds of food are looking for? There's Aroma's Cafe for a great Moroccan lunch or dinner.

    Shenandoah Joe Coffee Bar
    2214 Ivy Rd, Charlottesville, VA

    Aromas Cafe & Catering
    1104 Emmet St N, Charlottesville, VA 22903

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    1. re: Cville Mel

      Thanks Mel! I'm looking for basically any and all. I'm open to any recommendations.

    2. Massanutten is over an hour from Cville. Harrisonburg is much closer. If you are planning on hitting Cville anyway, there are three main LOCALLY owned coffee purveyors:

      Shenandoah Joe (already listed by Mel)

      Mudhouse - 5 locations scattered about town (


      Greenberry's - locations in Cville and Harrisonburg (

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      1. re: mojoeater

        Thanks Mojo. Is there anything in Harrisonburg worth checking out?

      2. Shenandoah Joe's is an excellent choice. Great coffee drinks, and beans are freshly roasted right there on site. Can't go wrong.

        Cafe Cubano is my fave on the Downtown Mall. Great place not only for good strong espresso drinks (the Cafe Cubano and the Cortadito are my favorites); but for excellent breakfasts and lunches. I LOVE their Cuban Sandwich - one of the best I've ever had!