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Classy meal in Williamsburg, NY?

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I am looking for a restaurant in which to have a good classy meal - nice wine, good atmosphere, not too yippy though just something nice; unique, with an adventurous omnivorous menu. does anyone have suggestions? things like tapas places are fun, but would like to branch out.

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  1. Dressler IMO is probably the "classiest". Not sure of what your idea of unique is though. It's my favorite in the neighborhood. You might also want to consider Aurora or Marlow & Sons. You can find these all on menupages.com to see menus.

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      Yes, Dressler is the go to spot... the rest all depends on how much your willing to trade formality for funkiness. More fine-ish dining in the burg: Marlow & Sons (Wood Block Hipster), Diner (Nostalgic Hipster), Rye (Nouveau Old School), Walter Foods(Nouveau Old School), Zenkichi (Japanese Speakeasy).

      And for pre-drinks with small meat & cheese type plates, Hotel Delmano (Nouveau Pre-War European Hotel Bar)

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        "Wood block hipster." I love that.

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          But where would I go for Old School Nouveau if I were a Nostalgic ex-Hipster?

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            The Manhattan board?

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              soho in the 80s

            2. re: thievery

              Yes, Dressler

          2. as someone else suggested, zenkichi is a lovely option, reminiscent of a dimly lit japanese ninja lair. each dining area is semi-private with a pull-down screen that shields you from prying eyes. you summon your server by pressing on a button. recommended: the omakase! it was ridiculously inexpensive.