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May 11, 2009 08:25 AM

Gluten free recipes for a crowd

We are in the planning stages for a hospitality room at a multi-day convention. We are looking for some good gluten free recipes - preferably that can be prepared in bulk. Snacks and desserts are best. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I make gluten free crabcakes all the time. Just use a gluten free bread as the filler.

      1. For dessert, cakes and things with fruit in them really help the texture. The "gluten free gourmet" by bette hagman has a good recipe for a carrot pineapple cake that gluten eaters will love too.

        Its also good to try to find recipes that are traditionally made without gluten - macaroons, both french and coconut, mousse and puddings, flourless chocolate cake.

        Also, snack-wise, its good just to steer clear of trying to substitute gf flours for regular. If you want to put out simple things like crudite, tortilla chips, cheeses, and fruit, everyone can eat those. If you are looking to serve with crakers or something, try Kame brand rice crackers - everyone likes those too.

        I have a friend who makes a polenta cake (cook polenta and spread on sheet pan to firm up in even layer) and then tops with something like chili or ratatouille or whatever.

        Thai summer rolls.

        lastly, if you want to serve salads (chicken, tuna, shrimp, etc) do it or some variation in little lettuce cups instead of on sandwiches.

        be sure to label everything if its on a buffet table so that diners can be clear about what they can and cant partake in.

        1. The best gluten-free dessert (IMO) is cheesecake. Made with a nut crust (I just toss a handfull of chopped pecans in a pan, pour the cheesecake mix over it and bake. The cheese/eggs hold it togeather, it's simple and easy to make in advance.
          Tips: bake to 170 internal temp in the middle
          You could make quite a variety of them.

          I use TJ's yogurt cheese as one of the cheese in it for a delightful sour tang. If you don't have access to that, you can drain some yogurt through a fine cheesecloth overnight and it will be yogurt cheese.

          Flourless chocolate cake is also usually a big hit, google for recipe.

          Then there's all the chocolate-dipped things, from frozen bannanas to strawberries to candied orange peel.