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May 11, 2009 08:12 AM

Where to send European visitors on Yonge between Wellesley and Bloor?


I'm trying to plan a Conference for about 30 delegates coming from all over Europe.

They will have a couple nights for dinner along Yonge St., after leaving our headquarters at Yonge & Wellesley and heading back to their hotel at Yonge&Bloor. Due to time constraints they will not really have time to venture from this route, and there is so many questionable spots along this route I don't want to send them to somewhere horrible.

Mid-priced spots are preferred, and I need at least a few Asian recommendations, especially Sushi. I don't want to send them to Spring Rolls, what is The Friendly Thai like (at least in relation to what else is on the strip)?


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    1. re: ChalkBoy

      I like Toko as well, it's not as cheap as other sushi places, but if you order off the menu you can get some interesting yummy stuff.

      There is a korean bar-b-q place just south of bloor on the west side of yonge that's pretty good - it would probably be a different experience for them.

      1. re: cubmike74

        If they are pressed for time the Korean BBQ might not be a good idea. For a fast food Korean place, I like the one on Yonge just south of Gloucester, on the east side.

        Oja Noodles also servers respectable Korean fare as well as some Japanese dishes. North of Charles, east side of Yonge.

    2. Do you want all 30 to eat at the same place because I doubt many of these places on the strip hold that many people.. especially Focaccia.

      Jack Astors is now at Yonge & bloor and while not a place that is special can accomadate a group that size and has enough variety to suit most people.

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      1. re: OnDaGo

        Oh I didn't specify that very well.

        I don't need to sit them all at one place. They will have time to wander on their own, I just wanted to give them recommendations to steer them in the right directions. I imagine they will be branching into smaller groups depending on who wants what.

        1. re: ms. cornbread

          Fire on the East Side for Southern-inspired

          Volo if anyone is interested in local beer and cheese

          1. re: julesrules

            I would heartily second Volo, I miss living near that place.

          2. re: ms. cornbread

            There is a new Irish pub opend up beside the Pilot, and there is also the Pilot patio if teh weather is nice.. both are on Cumberland just west of yonge. Plus Craft Burger on Yonge just north a bloor.

        2. I second the Pilot, an honest and unpretentious institution (mighty tasty burgers). Also the Korean Grill House, but as noted, it can turn into a lengthy meal. If your people are just wandering on their own in smaller groups, the Okonomi House on Charles St between Yonge and Bay is a unique Asian option (also dead cheap, even the beer), but is tiny. Just make sure to keep them out of the Duke of Glouchester, unless they happen to be soccer hooligans!

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          1. re: Ginsugirl

            I second Okonomi House, though I haven't been for quite a few years now. Okonomiyaki are a sort of savoury pancake from Japan, healthy and filling with various veggies and meat, and also very inexpensive.

          2. Agree with other's suggestion. Another Japanese suggestion is Tokyo Kitchen on Charles has good Japanese curry and ramen. BibimQ has OK Korean food but it is like a fast food place. If they can travel a bit south of Wellesley, there is Yummy BBQ. Tempus has good Iranian food.

            Regarding the Friendly Thai, it is passable Thai food. I would rather go to Saland King.

            1. These are all great suggestions and are very much appreciated. This makes my job a lot easier as I have just started working in this neighbourhood and had no idea what was good, and I can now give them a list of trusted recommendations. I know a lot of them will be wanting Asian recs, although we are going to Vancouver and I will suggest they have sushi there at the very least.

              This also gives me options to try myself! A personal question about Bar Volo. This is a must-try for me since I love local craft beer. What is the food like here? Decent? Better then average?

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              1. re: ms. cornbread

                Decent. You don't really go for the food, but I find myself craving their take on pizza from time to time, very crunchy with nice sauce. They also have some great cheeses on hand that will go great with tasting flights of local craft beer and hard-to-find cask ales.