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May 11, 2009 07:55 AM

Help! need caterer for 75 HarshaLake CIncinnati

Hello CHowhounders-My rowing team is coming to CIncinnati harsha lake june 11,12 and 13
I need to find a good caterer who wil bring dinner to the course thursday night(healthy and yummy) and possible lunch friday saturday and sunday. the cost has got to be reasonable.
also a dinner location (we are staying at eastgate holisday inn for friday.
Thanks so much!

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  1. Here's a listing of Cincy caterers with ratings. The only caterers I can recall by name are Funky's and Vonderhaar's. Funky's was very good, but I don't know about the price. Vonderhaar's does a lot of events on the cheap, mostly burgers, dogs and potato salad.

    1. Here’s another list of caterers:

      One my office uses is Bunny Jacobs Catering (513-673-3055, 513-561-5523). Her food, generally fresh and house-made, is usually well received. I think she has a small operation – I’m guessing she’d be willing to work with you on menu and might not be too pricey???

      You might also check out the catering arm of one of the supermarket chains, Kroger ( or Biggs ( There are Biggs locations at Eastgate, Skytop (Mt. Washington/Anderson area) and Hyde Park.

      I’ve always thought Lobsta Bakes of Maine would be fun ( The guy who operates it is from a fishing family in Maine and he formerly operated one of the best seafood markets in Cincinnati. But that option may be too expensive for your purposes.

      The Eastgate area, where your hotel is located, primarily has chain restaurants. Harsha Lake, in East Fork State Park, is a good bit farther east and not exactly in foodie country. I’ve eaten at a place (in Williamsburg?) that was fairly good considering what’s available near the park. If I can recall the name, I’ll post again.

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        The place I was thinking of is Mama’s Grill (4227 All Star Dr,, Batavia, OH 45103, (513) 724-5700). Although the postal address is Batavia, it’s actually in Williamsburg. From East Fork State Park, once you get back to Hwy. 32 (north of the park, and the route you’d take to get back to Eastgate), go east to the Rt. 133 exit (south), then make a quick left. I doubt they could accommodate 75 people from your group all at once on a Fri. or Sat. night in addition to their usual clientele. But the place has an attentive and accommodating staff and a varied and reasonably tasty menu for what you’re apt to find in the area.

        A couple more restaurant options: In the Eastgate area, Rincon Mexicano is a pretty good non-chain place (4450 Eastgate Blvd # F5, Cincinnati, OH‎ - (513) 943-9923‎). Another non-chain Mexican place a little farther away on 125 (south of the Park, in Amelia) is Miguel’s (run by former El Coyote folks). I like their housemade corn-laced salsa and have had some decent Mexican fish dishes there. Last time I was there (last fall), the menu was more interesting than what is posted on their website (

        1. re: intuitive eggplant

          thanks so much for these recommendations! I know i will be successful with at least one of them!

          1. re: intuitive eggplant

            HI Eggplant-
            We used Bunny and had a great meal. She was a delight to work with and served the meal with her daughter. thanks for the recommendation...
            Now iif I can find as good of one in Oakridge TN i will be all set... :)

            1. re: poochie

              Glad Bunny worked out for you! Sorry I can't help with Oakridge recommendations . . .