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London Weekday Markets

  • Kat May 11, 2009 07:16 AM
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We will be in London this summer for 3 days (Mon - Weds) and staying near Waterloo. I am CRUSHED that we will not be able to visit Borough Market because of the timing. Will any of Borough be open Mon - Weds, even just a few shops/cafes to give us a flavor of the place? If not, are there other markets anywhere on the Tube that would be open? One more question: planning to go to Anchor and Hope. Is lunch or dinner better (less of a wait)?Thanks!

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  1. Lunch or dinner for Anchor and Hope will be fine if you try to go slightly before rush hour (on a Mon - Weds if you arrive at around 12.30pm you will fine, perhaps 7pm for dinner).

    There will be a few of the stalls open around Borough, and places like Brindisa (for tapas) and Neal's Yard Dairy are open - it's still worth checking out.

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      Roast to go (Roast pork sandwiches, scotch eggs, etc), Farmer Sharps (Veal and Beef Wraps), and Northfield (Burgers) should be serving at Borough as well. They were today.

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        And Monmouth for a coffee!