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May 11, 2009 06:56 AM

Turkey Tips

Does anyone know of any butchers in the Brookline/Boston area that sell turkey tips? I found them once at Shaw's, but I have never come across them since.

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  1. I know McKinnon's in Davis Square sells them vac-packed in a variety of marinades as well as plain.

    1. dom's sausage in malden also sells turkey tips in a variety of marinades

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      1. re: galangatron

        Dom's is a good place to get turkey tips. They have them premarinated in a few flavors at a reasonable price if my memory serves me right. I bought the honey mustard a couple of weeks ago, grilled them up and boy were they tasty.

      2. I've seen them on menus but never ordered them, so I'm not sure if they are chunks of breast meat or thigh. But either way, you could just buy the turkey part and cut it up yourself, for less money. The more work is done by the butcher/meatcutter, the higher the price. Doing this job yourself also gives you "free" bones and skin for the stockpot.

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        1. re: greygarious

          I agree. Also, I fear that the uncooked turkey tips that you buy may be made using old turkey that the butcher wants to get rid of, since the marinade may hide the fact that the turkey is old.

        2. Not in Boston or Brookline, but maybe John Dewar's in Newton Centre

          1. The only "turkey tips" I've eaten are just chunks of marinated turkey breast cut into chunks.

            Easy enough to make yourself.

            I agree that you can be rolling the dice buying pre-marinated meat.