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May 11, 2009 06:51 AM

Current Kosher options in Boston.

The family will have to be in a Boston hotel over Shabbos. Does anyone deliver to hotels or will this be one of those out of the cooler trips? Also, any decent restaurants for Sunday or snacks for motzei Shabbos? In advance, thank you.

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  1. My husband ate at Rami's back in November and was pleased. Do a search for Boston on this board to get other info.

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      I did a search but a lot of it seemed to be several months old and irrelevant to hotel deliveries or take out for shabbos meals. Thanks

    2. I've not been to Boston in a really long time, but check to see what the Butcherie might be able to do. According to their web site (, phone number is 617-731-9888) they have a variety of prepared foods. Maybe they do Shabbos specials, too - a lot of places like that tend to have some sort of special (soup, roast chicken, and kugel, usually), but I don't know if they would deliver.

      1. I always enjoy Taam China - - very good chinese food. Also check out and search the boston area - this is a decent travel site some of the data might be stale but will give you a placd to start the search -

        1. If you are looking for shabbos - if you can make it to Brookline - The Butcherie on Harvard Street has a full takeout counter. Not all their meat is GLATT (they sell both) - so depending on your kashrut needs, be sure to ask.
          Other options for shabbos food that will deliver:
          Rubin's Deli in brookline will deliver shabbos meals
          Milk Street Cafe located downtown may provide shabbos food delivery through their corporate catering division. Their restaurant does not offer shabbos food to be purchased.

          In terms of Saturday night and Sunday - all your kosher options are going to be in Brookline. Given that shabbos is over late, not sure what will be open - likely only Taam China.

          Good options for Sunday include:
          Cafe Eilat (pizza/dairy)
          Taam China (chinese)
          Rami's (middle eastern)
          Jerusalem Grill (Israeli)
          Rubins (deli)

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            Taam China has two locations: 423 Harvard St in Brookline and 108 Oak St in Newton. Is there an opinion about which one is better?

            Also, has anyone had the Shabbos meals with the Zvhil - Mezbuz Rebbe in Newton mentioned on the website?


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              I have not been to the one in Brookline but do enjoy the Newton location -