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May 11, 2009 06:30 AM

Almond Slush?

I grew up in Lawrence, MA. I remember some of the stores downtown used to sell almond flavored slush- which I guess is an italian specialty. It is still sold in lawrence, but only during labor day weekend during the feast of the three saints. I am wondering if any other places sell it now? I don't really care about location- i will travel for almond slush. I live in wakefield now right near Joe Pace and Sons Italian market. I asked him, and he didn't know about it, so that option is out. Can anyone help me???????????

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  1. lollicup has several almond flavored beverages. they might be able to make you an almond slush

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      Almond slush sounds heavenly. Cafe Pamplona in Harvard Square sells Almond Soda --- sparking water, almond syrup and there signature crushed ice. With enough of their crushed ice it almost has the consistency of slush. I know it's not quite what you were looking for, but is similar.

      Also, I believe Boston Tea Stop in Harvard Square can do almond slush. I've never had that there, but they do have almond flavor on their menu, and I've often had slush, such as Rose Flower Slush there, without any tea flavoring.

    2. Too bad we don't have Grom here in Boston:

      but NYC is a short trip away...

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        Wow, cool website. Wish i new about this place when I lived in Europe!

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          They have two locations in New York. It is truly awesome!!! The gelato et al is shipped in from Italy fresh every week.

      2. This will be an expensive answer. I had dinner on Mother's Day at Oleana in Cambridge. The featured dessert was "Sicilian Almond Cremolata and Warm Chocolate Panino". I am not a dessert person, but this was truly one of the best desserts I have ever had. The cost was $12, but we split it between two people. I also wonder if any of the gelato places in the North End would have this. I will be looking for it too from now on.
        As an aside, the dinner at Oleana was outstanding. I had the Sockeye Salmon. Chef Ana Sortum was there that evening, and the kitchen did a remarkable job on everything we ordered. The dessert was a highlight.
        Good luck in your search...let me know when you find a source for the Almond Slush.

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          I will definately let you know when I find it. I have yet to try Oleana, but definately want to. I have Chef Sortun's cookbook called "spice" and have made several recipes from it. If you like that kind of turkish/ eastern european food you should look up Brookline family restaurant in the forums. Good stuff.

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            Will do re Brookline family. I have several of Oleana's spice mixes that I have purchased at the Copley Farmers Market, where her husband has a stand from Siena Farms.

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              That is interesting as well- I am a spice nut. Always looking to add to my collection...

        2. MW, I grew up in Methuen and always went into Lawrence for almondade. It's one of my favoritest things in the world. And I have great news for you - they have it at the gelato place on 110 in Methuen next to Piro's. Heaven.

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            WOWEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news. I am going up to Methuen saturday for my nephew's little league game. I will definately be stopping afterwards! Thank you so much. All of the replies were great and helpful, but I was hoping for someone from the Lawrence area to respond- you even called it "almondade" which I havent heard since the old days in Lawrence! I am a happy man...

            1. re: mwbachta

              I was in Lawrence earlier today at the airport and stopped in Methuen to visit Dolce Fredo, the gelato place mentioned above. Unfortunately, the almond slush was not to be found --- the girl behind the counter pointed to the empty slush machines and said that they'll have it again soon, but she wasn't sure when. The owner has been busy opening a new store, I believe in Newburyport. Oh well. The ice cream place just down the street that proudly displayed a large "Slush" sign had very mediocre lemon slush (way too sugary). I hope to return to Dolce Fredo to try to slush, but I would call first to make sure.

              1. re: lipoff

                Wow, what a bummer. It's really good, too. You probably would have been better off staying at Dolce Freddo and having gelato anyway.

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                I replied today, and I see that others told you the name: Kim's. It is the same slush. I went to Lawrence High (67-71) and would stop at the store on Haverhill Street between Newbury Street & COmmon Street after school. Slushes were 5 & 10 cents back then. WOW, am I dating myself!

            2. A guy named John is the owner of Armando's slush. This is the slush you are talking about (I also grew up in Lawrence). He is married to a lady named Kim, and they have a pizza joint as well as over thirty flavors of the original slush including almond. Other stores used to buy buckets of slush from him and sell it from their stores... So, here is the info that you seek!


              He's getting up there in age but he still wont give me the recipe!!! i also go to Lotons hot dogs and Trippolis pizza all the time in Lawrence, even though I'm in Derry, NH....

              PS, he sells the slush year round.


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                Thanks, Keith. Yep, Armando's is the one I remember.