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May 11, 2009 06:03 AM

How do you keep fried chicken crispy for a picnic?

Yesterday I made some fried chicken tenders that came out great. I needed to bring them to a picnic about 20 minutes after they were done so put them on a cooling rack for that time and then put them in a covered tupperware container. Unfortunately, on arrival my once crispy tenders were now soggy and greasy with no hint of crispiness left. What should I have done differently here to ensure they stayed crisp?

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  1. It was the Tupperware that did you in, IMHO. The chicken's own still-warm moisture condensed on the lid and made your wonderful tenders soggy.

    Loosely wrapped in foil is the way to go, I think. A paper towel wouldn't go amiss in there to absorb any surface grease, either.

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    1. re: mcsheridan can't put it in anything airtight.

    2. I have never had any sort of fried chicken that would remain crisp when cold. I think it's impossible. Even adding some kind of crunch element (corn flake crumbs?) it would still get soggy from the inner moisture of the chicken as it cooled. Ok, I don't really mean soggy - I just mean soft.

      1. imo, i think you have to let it cool completely - can't be warm when you pack it. I think still in foil and it's trapping it's own heat.

        1. One thing the colonel does right is put the chicken in a paper bucket. It will absorb excess grease and moisture and keep chicken fresh, if not crisp.

          1. Thanks all. Next time I'll try just foil and see what happens.

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              Put the chicken in a paper bag for transport.

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                  I'll third this. My dad used to put paper bags in the bottom of a cooler, top with a layer of chicken. More paper bags, then another layer of chicken. It was still a little crispy when we got to the beach/ picnic. It won't ever stay AS crispy, but the bags help.