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May 11, 2009 05:01 AM

A Week In Vancouver

Looking for food not to miss, prefer economical, ethnic, spicy, hot, Oriental, Mexican, any Eastern European Macedonian, Croatian, open to a wide variety of suggestions. Also side trips possibly just into the USA and the city Victoria. Much appreciated!

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  1. Check out some izakaya (something that is thin on the ground where you are from) - Guu, Hapa, Gyoza King, have a look at another thread on posted just today -

    Interesting requests for Macedonian and Croatian. I have eaten at the Croatian Cultural Center's restuarant...but that was many years ago - I don't even know if they are still open.

    Spicy and Hot - Alvin Garden (authentic Hunan). We have other good Chinese here that is in the budget category: Peaceful, Long's Noodle House, and more.

    Forget Mexican here...there are a few good places just south of the border in Bellingham (about an hour South of Vancouver). We do have a couple of good taquerias - Dona Cata, Salsa and Agave.

    Alvin Garden
    4850 Imperial St, Burnaby, BC V5J, CA

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      A couple of links didn't "take"...reposting them.

      Doña Cata
      5076 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P, CA

      Salsa and Agave
      1223 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z, CA

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        OK...two didn't take...trying again

        Peaceful Restaurant
        532 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z1E9, CA

        Long's Noodle House
        4853 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V3R9, CA

      2. re: fmed

        The week from Ontario will likely intrude into Victoria, and the USA, your Mexican Bellingham offers will be respectfully accepted, please, any more info, thanks! Will note and check, always look for budget and great food --- mostly because it is a stop as opposed to a stay for long hours!! Thanks, for now!

        1. re: Jar

          For recs in the US, you are better off posting over at the PNW board

          1. re: fmed

            Thanks for all replies, did lots of research, will arrive Sat., expect to get to Bellingham and Victoria as well, will most certainly enjoy!!!!

          2. re: Jar

            I live in Bellingham, and with all due respect to Jar, Mexican food here is abundant but pervasively poor and dumbed down to suit the local aversion to strange and hot. The only Mex place I've liked enough to go back to, and I love this place, is Taco Lobo in downtown Bellingham on, I think, Magnolia. Great salsas, and the chile rellenos are little masterpieces made fresh from real chiles every day by the little Mexican matriarch who supervises all the food preparation. They're served in bowls, with a broth--heavenly.

            1. re: Neecies

              Thanks for the feedback Neecies. Taco Lobo is the one I was inferring upthread...but I thought I'd leave the referrals to the denizens of the PNW board.

              In any case, the Mexican food in Bellingham is better than what you can get here. (That is changing as of late as I keep hearing about some new good and reasonably authentic places opening up in Vancouver....Don Guacamole is been getting some buzz - Mexican proprietors and predominantly Mexican diners)

              1. re: fmed

                Agreed - Don Guacomole is GREAT :)

                  1. re: grayelf

                    Just read it - thanks for sharing!

        2. Terrific visit, liked Vancouver traffic with it's many continuously flashing green lights that allows for sensible traffic flow. For sensible food, did get to Bellingham and had absolutely terrific Mexican food at Mi Mexico. In Vancouver, Alvin Garden was also absoloutely fantastic Hunan cuisine and received as ordered extra hot, wow!!! On a drive around, on Canada Way in a strip plaza, Day's Thai Cuisine was a real find and the lunch at $6.95 could not be beat!!!!!! Would return to these places repeatedly, ah but it was only a one week trip to Vancouver!

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          1. re: Jar

            Excellent - another Alvin Garden convert! Thanks for the report...and the report on Mi Mexico (it wasn't by any chance actually called "Mi Casa"?)

            1. re: fmed

              No, it was near the Mall in Billingham, to make you laugh, we actually left the Mall as I offered my son the suggestion from my research to try this place or Tex Mex at I can't recall, someplace like Sisters, which was not opening until late afternoon, so we backtracked to the Mall area and a restaurant which truly was so very enjoyable! The Toronto area Mexican cuisine is absolutely unacceptable, except kind of maybe just a place or two!!!

          2. I am reposting our last year visit, need help in fact this coming week will also have 2 13 year old children, so I am asking for help, all cuisines are okay, like spicy, but not for children ---- main component is good quality and leaning to less expensive!! We will be staying between Coal Harbour and English Bay, Denman Street nearby sounds promising! But, we will have a vehicle and moving around so we are not limited in area! Also, sounds like a day visit to Whistler, so any choices there as per our good quality/less exprensive appreciated. Super thanks!!!!!!!!!!