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May 11, 2009 12:02 AM

Source for padron peppers at this time of year?

Anyone have any leads on where a person could find these? I suppose it's not hot enough anywhere!

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  1. In Seattle, The Spanish Table near Pike Place Mkt, would have the best information on when and where these are available. The impression that I got last year, was they started carrying these in the late summer, from an Oregon source.

    1. I definitely think they are grown in the northwest, but not now. Pepper season is late summer, like the end of August or later.

      It seems like last year every restaurant in Portland had these on their menu when they were in season (I remember them at Toro Bravo in particular). I think Sungold Farms grew, and they seem to be at several farmers markets in the Portland area. You could try asking them if they're going to have them again next year.

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        We tried starting our own from seed to no avail, but luckily New Seasons is carrying big healthy plants. I bought 3 today.

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          Oh, and by the way-- we grew three plants very sucessfully last year in NE Portland.

      2. It seems they ought to be able to bring them in from somewhere hotter, no? But I definitely saw them at the farmer's markets around august/sept last year.

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          At this point it may still be a specialty item, grown for local 'gourmet' markets (local, seasonal, organic etc).

          You might have better luck finding Korean style peppers that are about the same size and heat level. That market is bigger, and not as concerned with the local-seasonal label.