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May 10, 2009 09:25 PM

Chinese bakery on Route 40 (Catonsville)

We've roamed around Baltimore looking for Chinese baked goods like those in Manhattan's Chinatown. The Korean bakeries come close for some items, but not close enough. Well, recently we discovered that our local Chinese grocery store -- Asia Supermarket -- gets weekly shipments from Manhattan (Hon Cafe on Mott St.) We were there around 3:30pm on Friday and they were stocking their shelves with a fresh shipment. We got the sponge cake, taro bun, and cream bun. We only really go to Fay Da when in New York, but all three items were very good and very similar to Fay Da. Although we haven't tried these yet, Asia Supermarket even had the egg white tarts mentioned in this thread:

I have two numbers for Asia Supermarket: 410-788-0397 and 410-788-0398.

Asia Supermarket MD
5510 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD

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