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May 10, 2009 09:25 PM

Favourite Places in Hamilton?

Hello all,

So I'm going to be in Hamilton for the summer, and I don't know Hamilton at all. If anyone can recommend any favourite places in Hamilton, I'd be most appreciative.

While I'd be pleased to know about good restaurants, I'm particularly interested in markets and places to buy good produce, meat, spices, bread, etc.

Thanks! :)


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. As an update in my continuing Hamilton food quest, I've been tipped off to the merits of the Hamilton Farmer's Market, so that's one thing I'll be checking out. However, any other suggestions are very welcome!

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          Grocery stores in Hamilton are pretty reasonable, actually. The Fortino's locations are generally well-stocked with good quality produce and varied items.

          You should probably look into Denninger's as well.

        2. The Farmer's Market and Denningers are great suggestions.

          I've written posts on my favourite places in Hamilton from days there (under another username) so I would do a search. The Hamilton eating scene doesn't change at a tremendous pace so I'm sure most past threads will be upto date.

          Do narrow it down, what area of Hamilton will you be living in?

          I would also recommend Mex-I-Can on James St.

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          1. re: ms. cornbread

            Mex-I-Can is good. Also, Chicago Style Pizza Shack on Upper Sherman.

            1. re: tjr

              Mex-I-Can - any chance it's related to a place of the same name that used to be on Yonge Street in Toronto, west side, near the Summerhill subway station?

              They made very, very good bread and a lemon meringue pie that my wife still remembers fondly many years later.

              1. re: aveivy

                I doubt that these two establishments are related-these owners are from Leamington and Hamilton, respectively, and I've had no lemon meringue pie or bread from this current incarnation.

          2. In addition to the Hamilton Farmer's Market, the Ottawa Street Farmer's Market (off Ottawa Street in a parking lot between Barton and Cannon) will soon be getting locally grown fruits and veggies and other products versus the food terminal stuff that is pervasive at the Hamilton Farmer's Market.

            - Chicago Style Pizza, for the obvious and good "red sauce" styled Italian
            - Mex-I-Can for Mexican Street food (this isn't a restaurant, but a grocer with a hot table and really good food)
            - Papagayo has a Mexican with a French twist sit down restaurant.
            - For Mediterranean you have La Luna on King W. and Dalina's on King William.
            - The Harbour Diner is good for breakfast and brunches and usually has an interesting special offered each day.
            - Karolinas on Barton is good for Polish family cooking - the best deal is to get the family dinner, but you need more than four folks to go for that. Plus it's rather heavy so may not be conducive to summer dining.
            - Slainte is a decent place to get a pint, but if you are looking for a homey "in someone's living room" kind of vibe, the Rebel's Rock is good.
            - for Spices in bulk, I would suggest the Horn of Plenty in Dundas - they also have a great selection of salts and organic foods.
            - for meats you have the Hamilton Farmer's Market, Cumbrae's in Dundas ($$$ but good) and Reardon's on King William (Reardon's is also a good place to get a deli sandwich).
            - for Asian ingredients, I would recommend B&T on Cannon, they have a supermarket and just recently reno'ed their restaurant as well. The restaurant is VietThai
            - European ingredients can be found at Denningers, particularly the Upper James location and the King St. E location.

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            1. re: Mike from Hamilton

              Just a comment-I suppose this depends on your point of view, but I would heartily says that indeed, Mex-I-Can is a restaurant, with a grocery on the side primarily to suit the needs of their hispanic is a little gem of a place, very informal-not unlike many Hamilton digs-that serves well-made, authentic Mexican food.
              Owners Angel and Veronica have been working hard to renovate and change the look and feel of Mex-I-Can, and besides a full menu (which has always existed), tables are set with a vase of fresh flowers, service is provided by several knowledgeable waitstaff, and there is now a rotating art exhibit featuring local area artists .....
              I encourage you to check out the new digs!