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May 10, 2009 08:42 PM

Help!! My 21st Birthday is coming up, no clue what to do!!

I turn 21 on August 21st and I want to have a nice dinner and hit up a club/bar afterwards. It would be a party of 6-10 people, everyone is over 21. Price range would be 20-30 per person, not including drinks. I live in Orange County and wouldn't mind going to Newport, Laguna, San Diego, Los Angeles and anywhere in between. I'm totally open to anything. Possibly thinking about getting a hotel where we go so we don't drink and drive. I really wan't this to be a special night! I'm not a big partier but I'm looking to let loose ;)

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  1. I think One Sunset would work real well for you as it is a pretty good restaurant and the lounge/nightclub is pretty fun on Fridays.

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