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May 10, 2009 08:19 PM

Need to find things to do and eat in PA

My family is taking a vacation to Hershey, PA later this summer and I need help finding things to do that would be fun for both adults and a 9 year old boy. We are planning on going to Hershey World and the Hershey Factory tour but I have no clue what else to do. Does anyone have any suggestions or better things to google that might give me more luck with ideas.
Also my husband loves trying unique foods..alligator, frog legs, bear etc anyone have any ideas of places that serve stuff like that in or near Hershey?

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  1. In Lancaster, about 45 minutes away, there is a new Science Factory museum that everyone is raving about. There is also a great baseball stadium there. In Hershey/Elizabethtown area on 743, there is a go-kart place. This would be on 743 going towards E-town. The Children's Garden at Hershey Gardens has a butterfly house, water features and interactive features. It can get very, very hot in July and August, though. Nearby Mt. Gretna has a lake for swimming and paddling where you can get a good ice cream at the Jigger Shop. It also hosts an art show sometime in the summer. Lancaster also has several train museums and trains. There are caverns in Hummelstown. I've only been there many years ago at Halloween at night, so I can't tell you how they would compare with other caverns.

    Nearby in Columbia, there used to be Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen and they had alligator on the menu. I haven't had it and haven't been there in years.

    In New Holland, you can watch cows being milked (at certain times) and play with barnyard cats and dogs, check out the peacocks, and eat the best ice cream ever at Lapp Valley Farm.

    Isaac's is a local deli chain. They make interesting sandwiches that can be very good. Service is sometimes spotty, but there is one not far from the park.

    There is a donut shop called the Fractured Prune. It is moving to Lancaster. They make fresh donuts that you customize with glazes and toppings.

    Let me know if I can help you anymore.

    1. Where exactly will you be staying and for how long? Depending on those things, Harrisburg may be more convenient than Lancaster. I assume you mean you are going to Hershey Park, and not just Hersheys Chocolate World? Because, if not, that is a no brainer and with the new water parks, a 9 yr old could easily do multiple days. Many people now get the multi-day pass.
      Except for the gator at Prudhommes, Central PA is kinda an exotic foods wasteland - not that you can't get good food, just not a lot of exotic food.

      1. There is a shop in Lititz of all places that sells wild game. We had kangaroo that was great. Nice guy. Sells fresh and frozen meat, and had plans to start selling boxed lunches. Worth a visit with the cooler and some ice.

        1. I would recommend visiting Lititz as well. Great visitors web site:
          You can visit the "other" famous chocolate factory, Wilbur Chocolates. Their Wilbur buds, milk & dark,
          are much better than Hershey kisses. Plus the factory store/Visitor center is IN the factory, not miles away like at Hershey.
          And there is the Sturgis Pretzel bakery, oldest pretzel bakery in the US, and you can spin your own pretzles. There are many great historic sites to see and wonderful shopping both downtown and many places nearby.
          The Science Factory is wonderful. Great place to spend a day. As is taking in a Lancaster Barnstormers game in downtown Lancaster.
          I've been to that race track with my son when he was about that age. We had hours of fun. And I taught him how to take a corner on the inside track.
          A friend of mine just mentioned to me the other day about the butterfly house. He said he was stunned how beautiful it was, the best part of their visit.

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            Here's a rec I owe pacheeseguy from a previous post and it combines both local culture and delicious goat cheese: Misty Creek Dairy, 43 West Eby Road, Leola, PA 17540. 717-656-1345

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              Thanks MMM,
              I just called them to discuss that cheese.
              Did you ever get your Haggis??

              I take it you like bacon, did you ever have Wild Boar bacon? yummy