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May 10, 2009 08:01 PM

El Mollete - Madrid - Reports?

Has anyone dined at El Mollete? It got a mention a few months ago in the New York Times. I've been Googling for reviews but all I get are reprints of the NYT article.

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  1. There's a great Spanish website called in which people post their opinions on just every place. If you speak/read any Spanish it is a wonderful source for information. And people just LOVE El Mollete.

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      Had dinner there last night-Saturday- We had a 9 pm reservation- the earliest they would take- it was our first night after our trans atl flight. Arrived at 9:15- There were few folks at the bar and we were seated upstairs, The seating upsatirs seems to handle 14. There was one other table of 3. The food was great- Spanish skills are useful, The owner took time with us- We had goat cheese in some tyoe of filo or thin dough- filled with onions, huevos rotos, pulpo and tuna, The tuna was amazing- served seared with a soy sauce and maybe vinegar reduction..The squid or octopus was delicious as well- served with potatoes- a comfort type tradtional food as were the huevos. The owner recommeded we order 3 but when we saw the tuna go by we added a 4th. It was a lot of food-- we also ordered a small bottle of red wine and were brought complementary small shots of brandy. Most of the pattrons were eating the same dishes. No rom for dessert! After an hour had passed the restaurant was more than full- no English speakers within range. A lively spot with a gracious but busy host. Our bill for 2 came to about 30 euros. Good enought that we made plans to return for lunch on Monday.