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May 10, 2009 07:48 PM

Market Restaurant update

This has been a regular favorite of ours over the past couple of years. Our experience last night was not up to past experiences. Service was slow and drink refills took ten minutes or more, possibly due to the bar being slammed. A sliced steak ordered rare was well-done and the asst manager who brought it insisted it was rare when it was obviously brown in color. Food was excellent as usual but there's been a major price increase. Compared to the prices on their on-line menu and last time we were there, entrees are increased by about 20% ($5-$8), with most ranging from $28 to $38. We'll still frequent, but could it be losing its luster?

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  1. Hope this was a one-time snafu. Will report when we have a chance to go back. Hope it's not going downhill...

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      I can't comment on the service you got but youi are simply WRONG about the entree prices. We were there 2 nights ago but they are nowhere near the level of your post. $28 to 38? They were in the 20 t0 30 range unless you ordered lobster on top of every dish. Losing its luster? NOT A CHANCE. We still think it is the best place in San Diego county. The lobster cobb salad was amazing. the soups are always wonderful (somehow the broth is amazingly rich)

      1. re: Bob Foster

        Don't think so. Check their on-line menu. Bison strip loin and chipotle glazed meatloaf is $33.75. Short ribs are now $34.95. Of the 10 entrees listed only the veggie tasting is under $25 (at $24.25). Everything else is $27.50 or higher. I agree with you that the food is the best in San Diego, just that prices have risen.

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          I can't comment on the on line menu. I commented based on the actual menu we saw last Wednesday night.

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      1. Try the Sunday Supper at Market. 3-courses for $39. More limited choice - sure, but same great food.

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          And if you sign up for the free email listing, you will get an e mail each week telling you the menu (There are normally 2 choices for each course-so that is 8 possible dinner combos.