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May 10, 2009 06:47 PM

Olean, NY suggestions, please

I will be in Olean NY for two nights on May 18th & 19th. While I suspect my clients will make some suggestions for dinner, it will just be my boss and myself. Does anyone know the area and can suggest something special for dinner those nights (other than the chains)? Boss is a big eater (6' 4" 275#) and partial to steakhouses, but a good sport and will go along with whatever I suggest. I'd like to impress him with something interesting and unusual/special.

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  1. You could try the Beef-N-Barrel Restaurant, if it's still open. I haven't been there in a while but it was about the best steak place in town. The Old Library has a good Sunday brunch and is another good place. Most of the rest of the food is chain stuff.

    1. Beef -n-Barrel is still open, pretty good steak for the area and extensive beef menu.
      The Old Library is also a good choice, especially if the company is paying!
      If you want something different, try Attards. It is not what you would expect to find in upstate NY! Great Lebanese food...

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        Thanks for the Oid Library suggestion. I've just returned from a DELICIOUS meal. My companion had the duck stuffed with apples and cranberries; I had the chicken asiago, and both were great, Since we did not order wine (I had a cocktail; the boss had water) we finished with two tiny "sampling" desserts. Total with tax and a generous gratuity to our EXCELLENT server Jamie, was a very reasonable $62. I've been told that this restaurant is going to be catering our lunch with out clients tomorrow, so I guess I can expect another great meal.

        1. re: Cheflambo

          Glad it worked out. Regrettably, we don't see to many "after action" reports!

      2. If you ever go back to Olean, you must try Century 100, I think it's called: a gorgeous high-Victorian ex-funeral parlor! With excellent food to match the decor.

        Also Ho-Sta-Geh, way up on the side of a mountain, with a spectacular twenty-mile view.over rolling mountains and again, really good food. Eat on the terrace in warm weather.

        Beef/Barrel good, especially for local delicacy beef on weck (not wick, weck): rare roast beef on a salt-topped kummelweck roll with "au jus", as they call it...

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        1. re: Miss Rennie

          I had an excellent "beef on weck" at the airport (of all places) on the way home. Will surely be back to Olean eventually (if Dresse-Rand greenlights my project) so I will also check out Century100 and Ho-Sta-Geh. Thanks!

          1. re: Miss Rennie

            Miss Rennie, I cannot find a Century 100. Is it the Century Manor Grillhouse? Also, I didn't see anything about a funeral parlor, just that it's an old Victorian home. Have you been recently? Can you provide more details on the food?

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Yes, sorry, Century Manor!.. I was told by my hosts, longtime residents, that it used to be a funeral parlor in the old days, and the very handsome Victorian decor is original. I was there in October. It has the usual grilled steaks, chops, etc. But it's all very good and high quality, and the bread is excellent. I recall a really good soup as well. Correctly priced, too.

              Don't bother with The Old Library, though. Fattiest, flabbiest piece of prime rib I ever had in my life, and the rest of the meal was even worse. Great decor, though. Go for a drink, if anything.

              And in Allegany, next little town over from Olean, try to get a Burtonburger at the Burton Hotel (bar). Best burger EVAH. It's a college beer joint, but in the afternoon it's civilized.