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May 10, 2009 06:03 PM

K Paul's................Need Help!

My wife and I are in NO next weekend and have made a dinner reservation at K Paul's. I've been to many restaurants (new and old) in the quarter, but have always neglected this one. I would appreciate any advice on a good table for "people watching" and some menu ideas. Additionally, any major reason to avoid this place?


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  1. I love K-Paul's. It is expensive but I always enjoy the four kinds of bread they give and the other food. I have always been treated great by the staff. You need to try it at least once to get your own opinion of the restaurant. I like the atmosphere also, kind of casual to dressy causal and lively. It is one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans.

    Bigray in Ok

    1. if the weather is nice, there is balcony seating overlooking Chartres St.

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        Request a table by the window in the main dining room.