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May 10, 2009 05:55 PM

Embarcadero Waterfront on a Friday

With no reservations yet! I forgot and waited too long and now there's nothing Friday at the Slanted Door. Any good ideas in the area? Nothing too high end, just good. We're staying right near there but would be happy to find something in North Beach also. Is it hard to wait at Slanted Door on a Friday if you don't have reservations? I thought about MarketBar but on the dreaded Yelp there were a lot of complaints about really lousy service.

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  1. It's not right on the water, but not far away: Kokkari is one of my favorite places in that area. Upscale Greek food, and I've always have had good meals there. I would also advise against MarketBar; the food isn't particularly interesting, and is expensive for what it is. If you get to Slanted Door early enough, you can get a seat at the bar, and it's a fun bar to eat at, with good cocktails. I've gotten lucky with reservations there, though, so you can keep trying, or show up and wait, they do hold some tables for walk ins (or at least they used to).

    1. Kokkari is a great rec; in addition, there's Perbacco. A contemporary Italian restaurant which is reasonably priced given quality of food, service, & setting (can be loud). They also have bar seating, check

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        Think about La Mar. I thought the food was quite good. The price for what it was (IMnshO) was high, but the food is good.