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May 10, 2009 05:40 PM

Outrageous treatment at The Pasta Factory

We love the food at the Pasta Factory, but the service and treatment by the management has always been less than desirable. Tonight we had the worst experience to date at any restaurant: we had made reservations for 6:30 at noon today, for our family of 6. We showed up at 6:30 to a completely packed restaurant and were told that they were not honoring anyone's reservations and most likely couldn't even be seated if we waited. We were just shocked--Mother's Day is a huge restaurant night, and we had no idea how we would find another table at another restaurant. They barely apologized to us, and one of the people behind the front desk actually had the nerve to say, when we asked what we were supposed to do, "um, sushi?" People were walking in, hearing the same thing, and looking incredulously at these people who had taken reservations and simply not honored them. Luckily, by 7, we were able to get a table across town in Teaneck at Noah's Ark. But it was a terrible disappointment. The least they could have done was hand people vouchers for SOMETHING! It was Mother's Day, after all...

I can't believe in this economy that a restaurant would treat people so callously!

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  1. Can I ask why anyone in Teaneck puts up with most of the garbage that the restaurants dish out? !!!
    Stop supporting them, for goodness sakes. From EJ's to Noah's to Pasta Factory to Poppy's to the Lazy Bean...they are all pretty much obnoxious and the food is sub-par. Why bother?

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    1. re: cappucino

      Pasta Factory really is in its own category in this regard. I have had several reservations not recognized there. The manager is rude and the service is anything but service. Off topic, I had some excellent service last night at the crowded Noi Due.

      1. re: Kosher Critic

        "I have had several reservations not recognized there."

        How many is too many before you stop going? I wouldn't have gone back if that happened one time.

        cappucino is right. As long as the consumer tolerates this nonsense, the restaurant has no reason to change.

      2. re: cappucino

        Sub-par food at Poppy's and Noah's Ark? What coffee are you drinking cappucino?
        The award for most obnoxious goes to our friends at Mabat. They had the chutzpah to tell me they can't get Israeli pickles! An Israeli rest. w/o Israeli pickles. Now they have contempt for their customers. One day, many of us will rejoice in that restaurant's funeral.

        1. re: Foodtekie

          Yes. Sub-par. And I am drinking darn good coffee that I get from my own personal stash at home. Thanks.

          1. re: cappucino

            Can you tell me an establishment that does not serve sub-par food and is kosher? The lines at Poppys and Noah's Ark must be my imagination. I for one don't drink cofee but what is wrong with the drinks at Lazy Bean?

            1. re: Foodtekie

              First of all, I did not mention lines. I just think it is odd that the owners of all of these establishments are not customer-friendly. There is no warmth, no effort to please. I won't comment about Lazy Bean or any of the others in particular. I just think that each in its own category is just run of the mill or below that. No one has earned the right to be obnoxious.

      3. it is unfortunate that i too have had a similar experience there. they need to try much harder to retain customers in this economy, and they need to learn how to relate to people in general as humans. they lack courtesy and professionalism.

        1. I was pleasantly surprised today to receive a letter of apology and a $100 gift certificate from The Pasta Factory. Looks like they have a new manager (the son of the owner) and are making an effort, in fact, to be nice.

          1. I think that a bad experience in a restaurant, kosher or not, should be shared with the restaurant itself. There is a whole list of Kosher restaurants in South Florida who provide excellent service and good food. The clientele gets more demanding and the sub-par restaurants do not last long.
            whether the apology was chowhound driven or not, if it is not real and they don't clean up their act, they will be abandoned by the clientele