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May 10, 2009 05:37 PM

great ideas for 50th birthday dinner?

I live here and really ought to know where would be a great spot for a 50th birthday dinner, but I'm at a loss. Obviously I need to eat out more. A lot more.

Would appreciate feedback on someplace lively but not too too loud (ala Black Bottle), good food but not $100 per person. There will only be 6-7 of us. (We went to Pink Door last year which was about right.) Good vegetarian options are important as are decent service. (I'm an ex-server and, in my case, great food doesn't make up for horrible service, especially for a special occasion.)

Thanks in advance and thank you to those who made suggestions for spots for the four out of towners from the Southwest (who are here the following week). Good dining locales for locals vs. out-of-town non-foodies can be quite different.

Some suggestions made already. I haven't been to any recently.
Thanks in advance.

Matts in the Market
Café Flora
Sitka & Spruce
The Corson Building
How To Cook a Wolf
The Harvest Vine

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  1. I second harvest vine.
    Dahlia lounge or place kitchen.
    Maybe even nishino would work. They have some good vegetarian options.

    1. Here are several more that come to mind for me, more neighborhood-based, hence a little more reasonable:

      Stumbling Goat Bistro
      Cafe Lago

      1. Our go-to birthday spot is Boat Street. I was there again last week and it was fabulous as usual.

        1. DIVINE....updated authentic Greek food...lovely outdoor dining if it's a nice evening.
          CUCINA de RA.....creative, delicious ITALIAN...very varied menu...not the 'usual suspects'...lovely decor...beautiful view of the Sound and the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture garden (nice to walk thru before or after dinner)
          PAIR....lovely decor....a bit country is 'inspired PNW'..creative & yummy, & beautifully presented...interesting wines....always a good meal there...small plates only so it's easy to try many of the chefs excellent 'food riffs'.

          1. I ended up choosing Crow for the location, the reasonable food and wine prices and the chef's very friendly attitude and efforts with me and on the phone when I called asking about the menu (which had a error loading online).

            I was very interested in a few others spots including Chez Gaudy which seems to be totally fun, but four of my guests are... well...rather solidly built men who would not appreciate being stuffed into cozy intimate table as I would. (-:

            But all the other ideas sound delish. Thanks for the suggestions.