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May 10, 2009 05:24 PM

Valencia Luncheria, Norwalk

Great food, CLEAN CLEAN kitchen and food was clean and high quality and decent prices so what other places in the Ethnic community stacks up and what do you think of Valencia? Tell me? It about the places and how clean is the restaurant, kitchen and food. What to order, can be from Port Chester to Bridgeport. I especially love places where Mom, Pops grandma still work and it si authentic. Thank you. Happy Clean Eating. Any Ethnic foods, Africian to Korean, Brazilizan to Turkish. What would you eat for appetizer, main and desert?

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  1. Other than this place, which jfood posted of his experiences over the years and the Big Yellow Truck, where else do you like? Please give the boards some guidance other than where can nbermas find every ethnic cuisine in the 30 mile radius.

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      jfood; i love your findings always so I will watch for yours and also Adam's you are always right on the money but I only like to spend not much since recently can't spend as much so etnic is the way to go on a budget BUT must BE CLEAN> Thank you

    2. I think Valencia is hit or miss. Most of the food is great, the batidas and coffee are also very good. The arepas can be nice and crisp or greasy, you never know. I had their "paella" which was not traditional paella at all, I think they sauteed a michemache of stuff and put it in a paella dish. And Ive had some "eh" fish there also. Love their breakfast though, mango stuffed french toast!

      1. I have to agree with you re: Valencia Luncheria -- it's a great spot. The only problem is that it's become so popular that it's hard to get a table for lunch & dinner, so I usually go for breakfast. Regardless of when you go or what you order, a highlight is the addition of the two homemade sauces that they present with every order. One is a cilantro sauce and the other chipolte pepper. Both are delicious and mix well with virtually everything coming out of the kitchen. I squeezed in for lunch not too long ago and had the black voodoo jambalya and my companion had the pulled pork sandwich. Both were delicious. We also had cauliflower & blue cheese soup which I suspect doesn't sound as good as it tastes. On other visits I've had the arepas, the empanadas, the burritos, chocolate spare ribs (trust me!), seafood stew, and many others and I can honestly say I've never had a bad meal.