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Wild Chicken in Fairfax

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I thought I would share my latest find. Apologies if someone has commented on Wild Chicken before, but I couldn't find anything when I searched the Board.

I stopped into Wild Chicken (West Fair Center, 11039 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030-5002 for some Peruvian chicken and was very pleased with my lunch.

Do you know where Weber's Pet Store is on Lee Highway in Fairfax? To find the restaurant, pull into the parking lot BEHIND Weber's (and Bray and Scarff) .. its right there on the corner next to Curves.

I ordered the 1/4 chicken with yucca fries to take home. I also noted Peruvian tamales on the menu and asked for two of them, too. They are homemade, but kept frozen. It took what seemed like forever to get the tamales heated up and by then my chicken take out was cold.

The manager gave me a new hot chicken dinner so my lunch would be hot when I got home.

I thought the chicken was very good - well spiced, nice and juicy. The yucca fries were wonderful and the dipping sauces were great too. The tamales were HUGE and 1/2 of one was more than enough to help me decide to not order them again. Too dry.

Overall, I recommend Wild Chicken for a quick lunch or dinner. The eat-in is very basic, the a/c doesn't work all that well, there were Spanish music videos blasting from the TV, and all in all, it was just right because the chicken was so good.


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  1. Sounds good, what were your Tamales stuffed with?

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      They were pork tamales, wrapped in banana leaves (and tin foil). The pork was very dry and chewy ... not great.

      But the chicken .... yum!