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May 10, 2009 04:57 PM

Good eats near Loew's (Cherry Creek area) and Grand Hyatt?

Hi Denver area chowhounds!

I'm headed to town on Friday evening for business with my boss and we're staying at the Loew's Hotel (E. Mississippi Ave) in the Cherry Creek area. Any dinner recs, bakeries or quality coffee within walking distance to the hotel? We will have a rental car so would be willing to venture out. We're traveling from NYC and are looking for something reasonable for dinner (entrees below $20). Should we check out Elway's-someone suggested this to me.

I'll be on my own for Saturday and will be staying at the Grand Hyatt on Weltonr. Any good eats around there for lunch or bakeries nearby? I have to catch an early flight on Sunday morning so are there any nearby breakfast or coffee places where I can grab a bite?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Loews is loosely in the Cherry Creek area -- but not the great walking part. high-rises and strip shopping centers w/ huge parking lots predominate in that area. The Tuscany, the hotel's in-house restaurant, was once pretty good, but that was several chefs and several years ago. Check out Elways if you A) like steakhouses, B) like the power-dining scene, C) have a big expense account.Once you are at the Grand Hyatt, all the downtown eateries are nearby (walk and/or free 16th Street Mall shuttle). For lunch, try Cooks Fresh Market (16th and Glenarm). Breakfast or lunch, the new Options Cafe (16th and Curtis)

    1. I would recommend Tambien for mexican in Cherry Creek or Cherry Cricket is a Denver stand-by if you are in the mood for burgers and beer. Cucina Colore is also pretty popular, I haven't been there. Cherry Creek is an upscale area, so not too many cheap eats other than chain type places. For coffee, try Ink Coffee.

      The 16th St. Mall has a free shuttle to Lodo so downtown you could try Osteria Marco for lunch Saturday. Try the Market on Larimer for breakfast or bakery items, they are one of the few places downtown that opens at 6am every day.

      1. A couple different ideas, the others already posted are solid:

        Heading the opposite direction from Cherry Creek, El Coyotitoā€ˇ at
        4978 Leetsdale Dr, a short walk, is pretty darn good mexican food. The carnita torta ahogada is one of my regular cravings, and cheap. A great bakery for croissants and sweets is Les Delices de Paris at 5303 Leetsdale Dr. Denver, but that is about it there, no real food. And for a real fast lunch, there is a taco truck parked behind the mexican market of Kentucky, just east of the Whole Foods. And then there is always the Whole Foods backed good and coffee.

        For coffee and breakfast, Crepes & Crepes at 2816 E 3rd Ave does both well. If you have a hangover, or want to eat like you do, the weekend breakfast at the Bull and Bush brewery at 4700 Cherry Creek Dr S is good (things like chicken fried steak in gravy and good bloody maries).

        Other than heading up to cherry creek, you are in a coffee dead zone, really the only decent coffee is at the Whole Foods, unless you like Starbucks.

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          The lovely bakery on Leetsdale moved to a different space a few months back. They have more parking in the new location at the far end of a strip mall south of Leetsdale. The croissants and baguettes and tarts are wonderful. I think they sell out of some baked goods much earlier at the new location.

          Les Delices de Paris
          600 South Holly St.
          Denver, CO