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May 10, 2009 04:38 PM

Looking for dairy or other farms open to public in Montgomery MD

I am looking for some help in locating a dairy and other farms that I can take my family for a tour and get some good milk and other farm fresh foods. We will be traveling between Silver Spring MD and Leesberg VA (via Whites Ferry). I would appreciate some advice for farms in Montgomery, or near Leesberg VA. Thanks!

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  1. When are you traveling? You might have better luck in Loudon Cnty, but in MoCo...

    Homestead Farm will open for Strawberries at the end of the month:

    Lewis Orchard opens in June:

    There's a farm tour in July:

    Not near your route at all, but South Mountain Creamery is a nice dairy to visit:

    1. Lots of possibilities, especially in Loudon County near Leesburg. Once a year, there is even a week (weekend?) where many farms open up to the public in Loudon that are not normally accessible. You could probably Google it. Anyway, you could always Google "Pick Your Own" and whatever place you're interested in.