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May 10, 2009 04:13 PM

Fort McMurray

I'm heading to Fort McMurray for a few days. I'm not sure what my dining options would be... any suggestions on where I should go eat? Or maybe more importantly, anywhere I should avoid eating?

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  1. The Keg is pretty decent (downtown). The Moxie's and Earl's have solid service and food. (both downtown). The Sawridge Inn's restaurant (Gregoire) is okay they usually have some sort of buffet. Stay away from Pesto's (Thickwood) the service has gone WAY downhill. Mitchell's Cafe (by the 7-11 downtown) is good for lunches on weekdays. The rest are chains or dive-ish diners. Fort Mac doesn't really have the best food in Alberta.

    1. Fort McMurray is a culinary wasteland.

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        In my hometown's defense, you have to understand that the town is chronically understaffed. In every field there are not enough people and not enough services (stores, restaurants, doctor's offices, etc) to meet the needs of the people. It's an expensive place to live and there are few people who can do it on a service industry's wage. This causes high turnover rates and thus crappy service, or disillusioned restaurant owners who decide to cut their losses or to compromise their original vision for their restaurant.

      2. I grew up in Fort McMurray and i can attest to the lack of dining options. I haven't been back in almost a year but is Tio Mario's still open? Last time i ate there was probably three years ago but i remember that it was acceptable for Fort Mac standards. I used to enjoy Cedar's Steakhouse but it closed down years ago. Mitchell's is a nice place but i haven't been in many years.

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          I think Tio Mario's is, but Their kiosk in the mall has closed.

        2. I ate at Earl's last week and although the meal was very high in calories and fat, the food was really good. I was very surprised, as disappointment usually reigns for me in this town. Also, Fuji Japanese on Franklin is the only place in town I go to on a regular basis.

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            Is the seafood place in Thickwood still around? Over by Patty MacSwiggins (great pub if your looking for one). The Keg in Fort Mc is awesome, they have to be to serve 550 plates a night...if you go say hi to Tony and Shawn...GM and AGM from NJ. Mitchell's is great, I still make a pasta salad that they gave me the recipe for! Mitchell's was open at night with a small menu that changed every few days... Good luck!

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              The Fish Place. It's still open. It has pretty good seafood for alberta.

              I went to the Keg the other weekend when I was up there. It was pretty decent, but my steak (blue) was burnt on the bottom.

              I used to make the pasta salad and alot of other things at mitchell's, so I'm Biased.