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May 10, 2009 03:59 PM

Sidecar on College- Great value, nice dinner!

Based on some Chowhound surfing, we went to Sidecar last evening. The restaurant is great value.

My husband started with a caesar salad which he deemed- Okay. He then had the steak frites- incredible value. The four people at the table next to us all had the steak frites and cautioned him to order a grade more done to get the desired result. Since he likes his steak medium rare, he ordered it medium and it was perfect. He would totally order it again.

I had the arugula salad to start- really excellent and very fresh. My main was penne with tomatoes and chorizo and it was perfect. I really appreciated the generous portion of regianno to top it off with. My husband also loved this pasta. I had a "Badass" Mojito. I must say it was the very best Mojito I have ever had in Toronto. It had fresh raspberries in it as well as the requisite lime and mint and it was very, very potent. I was pretty looped after just one drink. I think they use a stronger proof of rum. Our total bill was $63.00 before tax and tip.

We really liked the atmosphere in the restauarant and the service was really nice.

The pris fixe menu, Sunday-Thursday- $25.00 for three courses is an incredible deal. Great for families.

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  1. Sidecar has simple great tasting food, good atmosphere and above all great value, which is super important to me.

    The mojito is potent, but I really enjoyed the fresh muddled raspberries. When I was there they had a sweet pea risotto that was fabulous and fresh.

    What are there desserts like? I don't remember what they had as I didn't have any when I went.

    1. Totally agree with you on the prix fix menu. Tasty food and good value. The servers were also really friendly. The dessert was flourless chocolate cake when I went. It was rich but not too sweet. I prefer to go there ealier in the evening (6 pm) because it is a busy restaurant and can get quite nosiy.

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        Great place to go for dinner. The steak is perfectly grilled and aptly seasoned, more like a baseball cut if I remember correctly. I've been there twice now as a solo diner and was well taken care of by staff.

        1. re: deabot

          Now I have to step in. My problem was the seasoning - not the overall experience. The application (or not) of salt was so erratic that I was convinced that nobody in the kitchen actually tastes the food. Some dishes were undersalted (for my taste of course) and some oversalted (ditto).
          And the service was very friendly - probably because of all the apologising that was necessary - forgotten orders, lack of water (requested 3 times before it arrived), and very limited wine knowledge - but of course they emphasize cocktails.
          However, I do agree that this is a good neighbourhood place - but the posts above imply that it's much more of a 'destination' than it really is.
          It's a good, solid, but simple place that serves fair value food at the prices charged.

          1. re: estufarian

            I really enjoyed my dinner there last week, but the mushy peas with lardons that came with my skate were so salty as to be inedible. I'm sorry to hear that this was not an isolated incident. Friendly service, though they did nothing really to imply that they would address the salt problem with the kitchen.