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May 10, 2009 03:27 PM

Interesting Wedding Locations in Toronto

My fiance and I are starting to plan our wedding. We currently live in Los Angeles, but have family in both New York and Toronto. We've settled on having the wedding in Toronto as there's more family there, but definitely want to hold it downtown, since we'll have a lot of out of town guests and don't want them to have to rent cars or be removed from the nightlife.

Because we're doing all the planning from afar, my fiance's mom is going to be helping us a lot in terms of visiting places. Right now we're trying to narrow down the list to interesting locations that we can afford on a relatively tight budget. We'll have between 85 and 100 guests at the shindig.

The locations that we like the most (from pics/advice from friends) are:
- Steam Whistle Brewery
- Rosehill Event Venue
- Fermenting Cellar
- Berkeley Church

I have some information on Steam Whistle (friends got married there, know about the 15% landmarks levy) but don't know much about the others. I believe that the first three are BYOC and the last one provides catering.

So here are the questions that I have:
- Does anyone know the approximate costs for rental at Rosehill/Fermenting Cellar?
- How much is it per head at Berkeley Church?
- For the first three venues, which caterers are the best when also factoring in cost? (We'd like to keep it as close to $100/head as possible including rentals & service/gratuity).

Also, does anyone have recommendations for places with a similar aesthetic to the venues listed above? Or any reviews of those four spaces? Also, do all heritage buildings charge a 15% catering markup? Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to make it to Toronto before Christmas time, and we'd like to do an August 2010 wedding so we'll need to book a place ahead of time.

Any thoughts are welcome - we need all the help we can get!

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  1. All of those places are expensive to marry at because you have to bring in everything, it's like a tent wedding.
    Food, service, taxes and booze would run you a bare minimum 125$ a head at any of those places. The fermenting celar also has a 25k minimum for a saturday wedding, 10 k for sunday.

    1. The company I work for had a daytime event at the Berkeley Church. It was in the winter and the hall/church was freezing. The facilities were a bit rustic, to be polite. And the food was terrible. The chef must fancy himself an artist. But I found no art, in terms of inspiration, ingredients, presentation and especially taste. Some kind of Perch "fritter" which reminded me of a giant ravoli with very little filling. As I recall their was a poached pair for dessert that was in no way thrilling consider the hype... For me that place is a miss...

      1. It's been six years since our wedding at the Berkeley Church. I brought in my own caterer and even back then (this was during the SARS scare, too), we ended up beyond $100/person. Advantage: it's right downtown and within walking distance/quick cab ride to hotels for our out-of-town guests. We were also able to have the ceremony, picture taking and dinner in the same venue. If you go this route, get yourself the best caterer possible. It's what makes or breaks it.

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          We looked at it for our wedding, and I don't believe you can bring in outside caterers anymore. I believe that the food there has been addressed in other threads, so perhaps do a search.... Re: location, although it's downtown, it's in a sketchy neighbourhood, and is a bit off the beaten path (not especially proximate to any hotels that I know of).

        2. Oh, and congratulations! *smile*

          1. Thanks everyone! We decided to go with the Rosehill for August 2010. We liked that they have all of the tables/chairs and place settings, so this saves a lot on rental costs and the hassle of bringing all that in (apparently all we need to rent is linens and wine glasses for the table). This seemed to make it the most reasonable, and the venue's beautiful too.

            Now we just have to pick a caterer... we're trying to decide between Amazing Food Service (one of their preferred ones) and Noble Culinary (the manager's fine with us using them). Any thoughts?

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              Congrats on your engagement. I too am looking at Rosehill for April 2011 wedding. I love the space. I too contacted Noble Culinary and got an amazing response within our budget for a delcious menu - we have yet to go for some tastings, but after getting quote from Daniel et Daniel, L'eat, and a few others, the menu and the price sounds great. The company is no shying away from throwing things in as an added bonus and the sales rep ensures that an extra wedding coordinator is not needed to set up misc. details like the linens, place cards, gifts for guests... they do it all. We are having the ceremony and reception there and I think we might go with Noble, depends on tasting. Let me know what you decide and how things go. I'd love to hear.

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                Hey Torontobound -

                I don't live in TO (we're in California) so my fiance's folks are doing our tasting with Noble. We have a tasting booked for mid-October and can let you know how it goes! Have you booked your place already?