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May 10, 2009 03:01 PM

Has anyone tried Suave?

I heard that comedian Carlos Mencia has a restaurant/bar called Suave...has anyone been there? My boyfriend is a Mexican food fiend, so if it's any good we might check it least for a happy hour margarita. I couldn't really find much online and there doesn't seem to be a website, so I was hoping some of the local CHs might know. Thanks!

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  1. I know a few things.....

    My brother went there prior to their opening for some sort of "pre-party". It is located on Magazine Street in the Pelham Hotel. He said that the food and drinks were average at best but that their prices were quite reasonable. Apparently they have a pretty big selection and good happy hour prices. (I don't think he paid on this particular night but had a chance to peruse the menu) I honestly do not know if it is still open and have heard absolutely nothing about it. For mexican, I would try Taqueria Corona or Juan's Flying Burrito, which are both located on Magazine Street. (Juan's is the best; the pork and slaw tacos are yummy as well as the jerk chicken burrito) Wish I could help more. Like you, I can't locate a phone number or anything else to indicate if they are still in business. Good luck!

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      Scarlett, thanks for the info! I'm definitely sending my boyfriend to Juan's Flying Burrito...that sounds right up his alley! Completely random, but do you have any suggestions for good places to go for dessert? I've read a bunch of your posts and you always have great recommendations :-)

      1. re: tear it up

        Thanks! Since he will be on Magazine Street anyway, Sucre is a great place for desert. They have gourmet chocolates, macaroons and confections. If he is in the mood for ice cream Sophies (an old-fashioned ice cream parlor) is also on Magazine. Depending on the time of time he could head to Hansens Sno Bliz on Tchoupitloulas(Tchoup runs parallel to the river) He should try a nectar cream with condensed milk. Hansens has been there since the 40s, but he should expect a wait. Good luck!

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            Sorry to hear that! If he is in the mood for ice cream/Gelato try Angelo Brocato's on N. Carrollton in Mid-City. FAbulous cannolis (sp?) and Italian treats. There is a Mexican restaurant next door(Taqueria Guerrero) that is pretty good as well. I guess it all depends on where he is staying and his mode of transportation.

      2. re: ScarlettNola

        I just came back from NOLA in early June and pick up a issue of Where NOLA magazine, it shows that Suave' is still open. 200 Magazine Street 504-595-3211

      3. try Felipe's and Tacos San Miguel.

        1. you can get better mexican food at the various taco trucks around town than most of the restaurants, the pupuseria on hampson st. is good and taco san miguel is good but for my money i would go to taqueria sanchez on the westbank expy.

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            There is a Taqueria Sanchez in Kenner on Williams also and it is very good, also Centro Americana is in Metairie and has very good Nicaraguan food!!

          2. El Gato Negro fan in the house- there is a fish salad there that is great-- the margaritas are delicious, I never really "feel" them... I saw Sante Fe is back open now on Esplanade- anybody been how is it?

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              A friend told me about Sante Fe today. We're planning to go there in a few weeks. If I remember, I'll let you know how it was. If you (or anyone) tries it before then, spill it!

            2. I work right by there and have had lunch occasional-It is definitely not the best Mexican food in the city. You should try Felipe's it's about four blocks from Suave and much better