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May 10, 2009 01:50 PM

DC/ N VA Picky Eater and Foodie Wed Night

I live pretty far outside DC and I try to take every advantage of any chance to go into the city to eat good food. I know there are hundreds of delicious restaurants in the DC/ NVA area that are foodie paradise.

I am meeting my sister for dinner this week. Unfortunately, she is a little bit picky but will find things but I don't want to loose the opportunity to eat someplace delicious!

Any recommendations for something exciting that will also cater to a more simple palate? Something with vegetarian options would be good. No Indian food, or moroccan.

Please help!

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  1. as a foodie, i've found some good places to take non-foodie friends are ray's the steaks, boulevard woodgrill, harry's tap room, matchbox in chinatown or capitol hill, old ebbitt. these places usually have dishes that both sides of the spectrum will like.

    1. It's a question of attitude. Even a picky eater should be able to find agreeable things to eat while you are taking advantage of eating opportunities unavailabe where you live.

      In DC, Jaleo has one of the best vegetarian selections in DC, including tortilla espanol,patatas, bravas, grilled asparagus, and spinach with raisins. Meanwhile you can supplement that with delicious oxtail. Same thing with Zaytinya where they have chickpeas grilled in their shell, carrot and apricot fritters, and olive oil poached salmon.

      Central is a French Bistro with lots of American influence including fried chicken, burgers, and mac n' cheese. But the food lover in you can enjoy the faux gras and duck rillettes.

      In NoVa, if you really wanty to go all out, you can go to Eyo which is an Ethiopian-Italian restaurant. She can get pasta in tomato sauce, etc while you have Ethiopian food. They have an appetizer there which is KILLER, injera rolled in shiro which is then toasted. My God, spicy but gooood.

      There should be no reason for you to have to go to a steakhouse just to appease your sister.

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          Eyo is on S. George Mason Drive, just south of Leesburg Pike (Rte 7). I think the development is called Build America, y'know where all those international businesses are. It is labeled as a sports bar. Kind of a swank sports bar, really. Handsomely furnished.

          Anyway, the injera appetizer is truly a great order and the rest of the Ethiopian food is quite good. The Italian food is ok for picky eaters.

          1. re: Steve

            Hey, thanks for the tip! I work right across the street at Skyline and am always looking for walkable lunch joints.

      1. Liberty Tavern is good, but I don't know about the Veggie options, I think they are pretty meat-centric. You might check out Eventide, I haven't been but it gets good reviews.

        For more veggie friendly you might check out Sette Bello, Lebanese Taverna in Northern Virginia. Also if she does fish and is not completely veggie I would check out Passionfish in Reston it is very good.