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May 10, 2009 01:35 PM

Sunday brunch/shopping neighborhood in Portland

My friend and I are going to a conference just outside Portland. Before driving back to Seattle on Sunday, we'd like to have brunch somewhere in Portland where we can also walk around a bit afterward to explore the interesting shops/urban scenery. We are two women in our early 30's. My friend is visiting from the East Coast and this is her first time in Portland so I'd like for her to experience that quintessential Portland vibe during this little outing. I've been there a couple of times but not enough to know where that might be...


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  1. -Brunch at Kenny & Zuke's and a walk around the (upscale) Pearl

    -Waffle at the Waffle Window (at Bread and Ink) and a walk around (hippy-fied) SE Hawthorne

    1. I'd also recommend Besaws followed by a stroll down NW 23rd.

      1. Pine State Biscuits @ SE 37th and Belmont. Then down to 34th for Stumptown coffee.
        Stroll around the sunnyside neighborhood and you can walk south to Hawthorne, too.

        1. Beast (30th and Killingsworth) brunch is amazing, and you could walk a few blocks south to Alberta for some great shopping.