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May 10, 2009 01:01 PM

Downtown Seattle for lunch?

Going to Seattle for a conference - I've made all my dinner reservations but am looking for some UNIQUE, moderately priced places for lunch. The more casual the better. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I love the sandwiches and soups at Three Girls Bakery in Pike St. Market. Also the seafood offerings across the way at Jack's Fish Spot. Both very informal (counters) and great people watching. (Don't confuse with Three Sisters, also good, but I prefer Three Girls).

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      I had this link from Chowhound in my favorites - it has some great recommendations!

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        got to go to salumi,
        also samurai for ramen.

    2. Turkey sandwich or wild rice turkey soup at Bakeman's -122 Cherry St. Get a great lunch with Seattle's civil servants and techies in a throw back atmosphere.

      1. Walk over to the Steelhead Diner. Very Northwest and you can dine well for just about any price.

        1. You can't get more UNIQUE, casual, and moderately priced than Zum Zum Café at 3rd and Marion for lunch. Featuring Pakistani curries in chicken, lamb, and assorted veggies. Daily special for $3.99 + tax (yes!) includes a fountain drink. Very tasty and often a line, but it moves right along. Limited seating inside but on a nice day sit outside in the courtyard.

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            Took my maiden voyage to Zum Zum today and on the QTC Ratio it is awesome. Good food and cheap. Even with my $1 tip, only hit my debit card for $5.49!

            Billy Bob

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              Glad you enjoyed it, Billy Bob. I think the curries there are very tasty and highly chow-worthy.