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Casual seafood/chowder on Oregon Coast?

I'm planning on visiting the northern Oregon Coast soon, and I love bbq oysters, chowder, crab and salmon. Where's a good place? I am not interested in the resorts or fancy dinner houses - I'm a casual sort of guy.

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  1. In north Rockaway Beach there's a shack that makes the best smoked fish & oysters. Not a restaurant or takeout. Been there 40 years. Karla's Smokehouse. Call ahead as their hours are sometimes not consistent, especially before summer. 503-355-2362.

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      Looking for bar good bar food in Lincoln City/Depot Bay/Newport areas. Planning on a trip in January for storm watching. Any suggesstions would be appreciated.

    2. I agree, Karla's Smokehouse is terrific. But she was talking of retiring so check it out ahead of time. There are a number of threads on topic on this board you may want to check out, too.

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        Karla is not closing down the place until fall.

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          Karla's smokehouse is STILL OPEN she is trying to go to orders only, but as of rt now she is open on Saturdays from 10 to 5 She is also on Facebook under Karla's Smokehouse I keep updates on her there....I work for Karla that's how I know what is going on. She is semi retired and working on her book that hopefully will be coming out this summer along with a DVD.Give Karla a call and she can answer your question or check out her facebook page..here's Karla's number 503-355-2362 she has been in business for almost 46 yrs and will be 74 in April.....

      2. Shark's in Newport does a very nice Cioppino and other seafood dishes.

        1. The BEST fish and chips are at Ecola Fish Market in Cannon Beach.

          1. Another vote for Shark's in Newport. Try to get a seat at the kitchen counter to watch them cook. The owner (mom) is a real hoot!!!

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              They use an odd, antique "steamer" technology there and whatever makes the magic go, it's very good. All about health, too. Nice.

            2. DON'T go to Mo's!

              It's all reputation and no quality. It was once -- 20 years ago, and lives on by reputation and raves from people who don't know food.

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                In Astoria, check out The Bowpicker across from the Maritime Museum. Ship Inn has great fish and chips also and very good clam cnowder. Rogue Public Ale House also has fantastic clam chowder. Cannery Cafe has the best crab melts on the Oregon Coast. Have fun! :)

                Ship Inn
                Astoria,OR, Astoria, OR

              2. Thirding Shark's, and we also love the chowder at the Chowder Bowl in Nye Beach in Newport. Their fish and chips are great, too.

                Chowder Bowl
                40 S Highway 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341

                1. Gracie's Sea Hag Restaurant and Lounge in Depoe Bay, OR serves world famous clam chowder and offers an outstanding Friday night seafood buffet with music and cold drinks overlooking the beautiful bay in downtown open for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

                  Gracie's Sea Hag Restaurant and Lounge @ U.S. 101, Depoe Bay, OR 541 - 765 - 2734.