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May 10, 2009 11:41 AM

Best kept secret in halifax

In the comfort food/ diner category I would like to suggest my favorite place in downtown halifax. I don't like diners as they are defined because it conjures up images of "greasy spoon".But the best home cooking I've ever had is in the brewery market mall and is called the City Deli. Ironically enough it is directly across from Da Maurizio's the other best place in Hali, but in a whole different category. Anyway back to City Deli, this place is run and owned by a perfectionistic British lady and she sure knows what she is doing. Somehow she even makes cooked carrots taste good. She has the best mashed potatoes I've ever tasted anywhere, but the truth is she is just good at everything she makes, sometimes bordering on gourmet. Don't be thrown off when you first go in- it is set up cafeteria style. There is everything here from meatloaf, mac and cheese, club sandwiches, chicken a la king, etc. The only downfall being that they are only open on weekdays and only for lunch and breakfast. Try it and see if you agree with me.

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  1. sweet! just moved here and looking for good places to go with my hard-earned cash (ordered Venus pizza last night, and ended up spending $20 on a COLD pizza, then they refused to send us another one [!!!]) Anyhoo, I laughed at the "Somehow she even makes cooked carrots taste good." comment you made - will definately have to check it out =) Thanks!

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      OMG Chicken a la King! memories of church suppers in my childhood... I must go!