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May 10, 2009 11:29 AM

R. F. O'Sullivan and Sons: Irish I Worked Nearby

Based on the many recommendations in a nearby thread, I just took my 6-year-old goofball to O'Sullivan's in Somerville.

It delivered as advertised. The burgers were well-made and large enough to give rise to their own gravitational fields, and, being nearly spherical, looked like delicious, meaty planets. It's an exceedingly pleasant and cheerful neighborhood pub, and they made father and son feel welcome. They don't have a "kid's menu" per se, but the prices are low enough that you don't care. Lunch for 2 with one beer (Harpoon IPA on tap, hell yeah), one milk, and enough burgers, fries, and onion rings to ballast a destroyer came to $25 + big tip.

The onion rings were excellent, by the way, with a mildly sweet tempura-like batter, and fat, thick, legit slices of onion within. The "fries" are really huge sections of russets, expertly fried. Not crispy, but not greasy, with cubic meters of fluffy potato within.

For the sake of completeness, I'll admit that I'd prefer the hamburgers at Orleans in a blindfold taste test--they're so ^@!&!@#ing good--but O'Sullivan's is, for me, just a nicer place to visit.

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  1. Nice, evocative review! Sully's is a polarizing place on Chowhound. I like their burgers, but I don't have a platonic ideal of a burger: I like them in all shapes and styles. Don't like those cottage fries, though.

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      I think their burgers are hit-or-miss, and I agree that the cottage fries are gross. I do like their onion rings though. The ambiance is good for watching baseball, even though the owner is a Yankees fan. :-)

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        Fecalface also dislikes the fries - I think this is the downfall of RFOs. They are too thick to fully cook, thus ending up starchy. Fecal's other pet peeve is that they don't use blue cheese crumbles on their burgers...just dressing.

        Fecal thinks the OP should take his child to the Druid for a true pub experience - some real burgers, properly sized chips and maybe the kid will learn to headbutt people in the process.

        1. re: fecalface

          Will do, sir (ma'am?), and will report back. Also: LOL.

          1. re: fecalface

            Hiddenboston agrees with fecalface about the fries at O'Sullivan's, and also agrees about the Druid--excellent burgers there.

            Hiddenboston also thinks that fecalface has one of the best names on Chowhound. Hiddenboston can't stop laughing right now. :-D

            1. re: fecalface

              Fecal thanks hiddenboston for his/her kind words - as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Note that the Druid will make a cheeseburger even though it is not on the menu (only the hamburger). Not only is cheese tasty, but the calcium from the cheese will also be beneficial should the child learn to headbutt properly.

              1. re: fecalface

                So I went to the Druid today, for lunch, and was disappointed. The burger looked and smelled great on arrival, but was badly undercooked--I ordered medium and got raw in the center. That immediately puts them out of contention, in my opinion.

                Overlooking that, the fries were greasy and not particularly crisp.

                Thumb down.