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May 10, 2009 10:28 AM

Cafe Cakes' last day!

if you want your fix of milk tea pudding or curry chicken sandwich, it may be already too late. Hubby and I went to Cafe Cakes in Watertown today and it is their last day. I managed to squeeze in a birthday cake order earlier this week, though I didn't know they were closing. It's sad........where am I going to have milk tea pudding again? The beautiful, clean, light cream atop of the smoky Earl Grey infused pudding....... However, I do wish Noriko the best in her future endeavors. It too bad another wonderful local bakery is closing. Noriko's unique pastries are going to be missed........

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  1. This is horrible news! Cafe Cakes was a standard lunch destination for me and my co-workers when I worked at the Watertown Library. Surely its location wasn't the best (how do you stop to park on Galen St?), and I never did see them busy. I also wish the proprietors the best.

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      Agree that it is horrible news. I suppose daytime parking is tough, although New Ginza and their mainly nighttime business survives just a block away.

      A lot of people without cars pass through Watertown square, as it's a major bus route hub. I thought they were going to do well there.

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        I drive by there almost every day and always wondered how they were doing. The location is terrible. It is so busy and congested there with no place to pull over. That's probably why the other storefronts in that building remain empty. I guess the T foot traffic is not enough.

        Where New Ginza is, it's less congested and more parking options. Plus, if you are going somewhere for dinner you are willing to work at parking more. If you are just going someplace for coffee or to pick up a cake you want to be able to get in and out.

        Anyway I feel bad seeing any business fail.

      2. Did anyone talk to Noriko, find out if she had any plans to try to reopen someplace else?

        I always worried about Cafe Cakes..that location was not optimal..darn.

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          I spoke with Noriko and she said she was really tired and wasn't looking into opening some place new. Adding that she needed a break. I remember when she closed her store in Belmont. She was still keen on opening somewhere, but I think she is really exhausted from running the operation herself this time around. I have a third of her raspberry champagne cake left and I am definitely savoring EVERY bite!

        2. Bummer, this was one of my favorite spots to eat in Boston. Plus, they were our go-to source for birthday cakes. A sad day, for sure. I hope they're planning on re-opening in a new location -- the food, drinks and pastries were amazing.