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May 10, 2009 09:50 AM

NJ restaurants with entertainment

I'm looking for some NJ (NY/PA/CT) restaurants with some sort of entertainment....

We like all kinds of food (not so much Indian)… But… just looking to go out to eat to see some kind of entertainment (any kind… music, shows, anything, something FUN).

We went to Marrakech in Parsippany … It was GREAT!

Thanks for any tips.


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  1. If you like Cuban, try 1) Azucar in Jersey City (Downtown)--they have a live cuban band on certain nights or 2) Havana Central in NYC, also has live Cuban band on certain nights.

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    1. re: Ora

      Thanks Ora,

      I think I'm going to try them both (in weeks to come).

    2. We go to Tredici's every weekend. They are a DJ on Friday nights and either a band or DJ on Saturday nights. They serve Italian food.

      1. Shanghai Jazz in Madison