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May 10, 2009 09:11 AM

Caplansky's on College

An article in the Toronto Star yesterday, May 9th , announced that Zane Caplansky is planning to open a kosher deli at College and Brunswick next month, near the site of an old Caplansky family bakery. Question: Is Zane really planning to open a genuine kosher deli or a "kosher style" deli? There is a world of difference between the two.

I am old enough to remember the old Health Bread Bakery which was located on the south side of College St. near the corner of Grace St. many years ago. The Health Bread Bakery was owned and operated by the Caplansky family which later changed their family name to Copeland. Any connection to Zane?

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  1. Yeah - I noticed that the article probably gave out the wrong impression that the restuarant would be actuallu Kosher, rather than Kosher style. i cant for a minute image Zane doing a strictly Kosher restuarant, as the sandwiches would have to be probably about $20 BUCKS EACH...and he would have to have a mashgiach - Kosher supervisor, and pay all kinds of certification fees etc., so No - its impossible. Anyhow, very few of the fressers who love the fresser sandwiches need a strictly kosher restaurant. The only time I went to a strictly kosher deli in toronto, marky's - I threw out the sandwich.

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      You are right, absolutely not kosher. He would also need to be closed on every Sabbath (Friday afternoon - Saturday night), on all of the widely known Jewish holidays, and on Jewish holidays even many Jews don't know about. It would mean no poutine and no cheesecake.

      Also, the COR, the certifying organization, requires that Jewish owners of kosher certified restaurants observe specific practices in their personal lives. (This requirement is not typical everywhere, but is the reality of kosher certification in Toronto.)

      I am assuming, though I don't actually know, that (unlike Centre St) he won't be serving pork.

      The state of kosher deli is really sad. If you are strictly kosher in Toronto, there is no good deli available - period! This situation has existed for so long that generations of observant Jews will never have tasted anything resembling good deli - and won't even know they've missed something. There's good kosher sushi in Toronto, but no good kosher salami, pastrami, or franks.

      Marky's has consistently served some of the worst restaurant food, of any kind, that I have ever eaten. (I have kosher friends who won't eat deli anywhere else in Toronto.)

    2. Could you provide a link to the article? I've thrown out yesterdays paper. Thanks . I for one will be very happy when he moves. After my knee injury, I'm unable to make the climb to his present location. If it's on the ground floor, I'm there!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Leslieville: The article actually appeared in the National Post on May 7, 2009.
        Google: Caplanskys on College- The article is the first hit.

        1. Hi Doc, although I have met many of them, I am not related to the Health bread Kaplanskys. As far as offering kosher deli, I can guarantee you that after the way the Rabbinical Council treated by namesake, I will NEVER offer kosher food. Not sure why the Post said otherwise.

          1. Wow! That makes my walk to get smoked meat only 30 seconds, as opposed to 7 minutes!