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May 10, 2009 08:39 AM

Peruvian Food in Naples

One of the things that I missed the most from home is obviously FOOD. So I was very excited to to try Inka's Kitchen (I don't know the exact address but it is on Collier Blvd, south of Pine Ridge in the same plaza as Velocity Sports).
I was very pleased with their "chupe" (one of my favorite soups) and my sister loved the "lomo saltado". The owners are a Peruvian couple that has been in the US for quite a few years and the husband is the chef.
The restaurant has been open for less than a year and it has been a while since I visited it but I thought it would be worth sharing this info. Enjoy!

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  1. Good to know of it.

    Also, Peruvian food can be had at Machu Picchu at 3861 Tamiami Trl E 430-7426. My Peruvian friend said the papas huancaina and other goodies are the real thing.

    I really like the Peruvian and Chilean food at Naples Latin Bakery write up at:


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      Machu Picchu rules! All we had was some fried seafood thing that came with ceviche, and it was outstanding and a giant, totally splittable portion! Really good with the hot hot sauce I ordered on the side.

    2. I just realize I misspelled the name, it's Inca's Kitchen. They actually are in Facebook ( and had a review in Metromix (

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        I highly recommend Inca's Kitchen. Friends know that I don't just give out such a recommendation.

        After one visit, I hope to go back in a few weeks for a second visit and a write up. The food is delicious, setting is nicer casual, and prices are 1/2 of Naples restaurants.

        It's 15 minutes drive east of Naples Coastland Mall. Well worth it!

        I like Machu Picchu, Latin Family Bakery is notch above it. I love Inca's.

        Take Naples' Golden Gate Parkway east to 951 (Collier Blvd). Go left, north, a few blocks. It's on the left at the end of a small yellow strip center. 11985 collier Blvd, 352-3200

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          WOW!! My write up. based on two visits, is up. 1800hungry and others, Inca's Kitchen is the best on its mix of decor, great cuisine, and service..

          I am amazed at the fine quality of Chef Rafael Rottiers' cuisine! I'd match it against any chef, anywhere, anytime. If you've never had Peruvian cuisine, this it the place, and now is the time to try it. I was there twice, tasted over a dozen dishes, and will be back.

          My write up, with photos, is at:

          This is where I'd go for my birthday, date night, or out with friends. It's a lovely spot, 15 minutes east of Naples Costland Mall, and well worth the visit.

          Major Chowdown spot, with the most expensive menu item at $18. enough said.

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            I'm glad you liked it, I mean loved it! I'm also impressed that you have tried over a dozen dishes in just two visits.

      2. Ate at Inca's today for lunch...totally awesome!!! Will definitely go back...I had Chupe's prawn and fish stew...stellar! Fab service and owner walking around to all the tables, making recs and just being a nice fellow. Minor point: So glad they have South American music playing, not American 80's crap which really irks me at any sit-down ethnic restaurant. They were busy, too!

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          a friend of mine in Naples is a real foodie and he has been there twice and is can't say enough good things about Inca's. i can't wait to try it.

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            Zeits, Val, and 1800Hungry,

            Inca's is catching on fast, all right! I was there Sat night with 5 people and the place was packed from 6:30 on! Go Inca's! I get about 10-15 visits to my blog a day for them-that's a lot of lookers! Best thing, everyone gets a different plate, and all share.

            Chef Rafael has some amazing seafood specials, depending on what's available, such as wahoo cebiche, different styls of fish with grilled seafood, super tender octopus in a purple sauce, and other creations, not on the menu. The specials are beautiful to look at, only 15 or $16, not a rip offlike like some places for tourists, where you don't hear the special's price, and then, on the check, it's $35 or so-surprise, surprise.