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May 10, 2009 08:30 AM

Trendiest places and best eats

I am visiting San Francisco (Staying at the Clift Hotel) for one whole week. Apart from doing the private Napa Tours, what do you recommend when it comes to best eats and best bars? We are in our late 20's and love to eat at the best and trendiest. Can you help us!?

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  1. I'm also in my late twenties. My strong reccmendations for restaurants with terrific food and good/young/trendy vibes would be:

    A16 (Southern Italian)
    Laiola (Modern Spanish)
    NOPA (Modern CA)

    Perhaps not quite as trendy, but still modern and cool with great food:

    Slanted Door (Modern Vietnamese)
    Ame (French/Italian/Japanese fusion -- a bit older clientele, being downtown... *awesome* food, though)
    Delfina (Northern Italian)

    Bars as in, like clubs wth music or as in places to grab a drink? I'm not super into that scene but as far as clubs go I've had fun at Bambuddha and Medjool (wine bar -- also has a restaurant I've never been to). As far as *bars* I generally just stumble into some place on Columbus in North Beach. I forget its name but I'll re-post when I recall.

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      I'll second NOPA, as it seems to be the hottest choice these days. I'd also put Slanted Door in the trendy category. Although it has been around awhile, it is still SF's most visited restaurant.

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        these look awesome! Thanks for your help!!!!

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          Or the OP can take heed of the advice given to her when she posted a couple weeks ago on this same topic:

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            Thank you Eugene, although the strongest advice was that I posted an airport more than anything. I still want real time and up to date advice on whats in TODAY versus last year and months ago. Thanks though. I still want San Fran to prove to me they are better than MIA (which clearly you guys are) so give me advice!

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              We are "better" than Miami (which I assume is what you mean when you keep using that odd abbreviation?) because here quality is timeless. Though I'll bet there's plenty of great timeless stuff there too.

              "Trendy" almost does not exist here in the sense you seem to mean it. And insofar as it does, Yelp is the place which will lead you to bars where everyone will look like you.

              What do you like to eat?

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                Your demand is very generic. Consider asking a more specific question for a more specific answer. And consider phrasing it as a question.

                Here is the Chron's top 100 list, came out only a few weeks ago. We all "love to hate" this list, but it's not a terrible place to start.

                As pointed out, we don't really do "trendy". Cocktails from last week:

                Epic / Waterbar opened recently.
                Bourdain was in town filming a few weeks ago. The only thing I remember was the bacon latte from Pirate Cat radio - here's a map:
                Slocombe's ice cream.
                Manressa since Kinch whipped Bobby Flay on some iron chef.

                Is that what you mean by trendy?

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                  very helpful, thank you for your post.

          2. #1 Dont do a Napa Tour. DIY! Those things are a joke. Just rent a car for a day and drive up your self. It is easy to just wing it if your just doing napa and probably the same cost.
            #2 95% of people could give a damn about the trend factor. In fact, most people think trend equates to lesser quality food. Im in my early 20s, and good food, is good food regardless of the setting.

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              So if that is the case...what are your "non trend recs?"

            2. Sorry to sound snarky, but if you're looking for trendy, just go to the Marina District, look for groups of beautiful people, and eat there. Odds are the food won't be terrible, and you'll leave the really good stuff for the rest of us.

              Unlike Miami (and to a lesser extent LA and New York), people in SF realize that "good" and "in" have nothing to do with one another. As for "non trend recs," look at the lists rworange compiled and linked to in response to your first post. There's a wealth of information there.

              1. Thanks for your help. We look for cool looking restaurants in the sense of design, yet we prefer good food. I am a more well rounded person when it comes to eating all sorts of plates, my husband is typical upstate NY steak and potatoes (we are not from Miami, we just happen to be here now in this point in our lives for those who want to know) anyhow, we love visiting local good old restaurants that are staples as well as bars that do small plates and have a great scene when it comes to having a lot of people that frequent often and good ambience. So thanks for all your help and even to those that seemed "snarkier" than others. Peace.

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                  Trendy, cool looking and steak and potatoes is a difficult match.

                  NOPA is a good pick, maybe Zuni since it's being renovated right now but should be ready (but check on this). Both will have accessible food. Zuni more pleasant, NOPA more trendy...but there's not much of a hood to walk around afterwards, although a drive over to the Haight could be fun afterwards.

                  If you want the best of SF, you'll probably need to open things up a bit beyond steak and potatoes (see whiner's first response).

                  re: the snarkiness...look at the SF board, there's often 2-3 requests for suggestions on the same day...which means you get a better answer with a better question. Asking an SF'er where to eat is like asking a NY'er how to get on the'll get honest answers but you'll get snark as well.

                  p.s. the "proving" stuff is very east coast...out here it's more you go, you hang, you eat and hopefully it's all good. If not, you have tomorrow.

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                    Thank ML8000. NOPA seems like my kind of place. That is def on my list already.

                    1. re: SarahOM

                      The funny thing about Nopa is it draws a pretty broad crowd. It's one of the things I like about it best, that you see all types, ages. The secrets been out on that one. That's not usually what people look for in a "trendy" in the know kind of place. Spruce might be a little more to your liking if you want to feel like you're going somewhere exclusive, and that matters to you. Otherwise, Nopa was a great suggestion, it's just not a see and be seen kind of place anymore.

                    2. re: ML8000

                      Zuni has reopened, it was only closed for a long weekend.

                      1. re: JasmineG

                        Any word on Zuni? Any difference? It sounds like it was a minor renovation, perhaps kitchen stuff?

                        1. re: ML8000

                          Tablehopper reported:

                          Here are the updates to the space: the front staircase leading up to the mezzanine has been redone; all of the floors in the upstairs dining rooms have new parquet planks; there has been a little resizing of some seating areas (plus there are new restored chairs to come); the brick oven interior was rebuilt; everything was cleaned, waxed, re-grouted, some tables got new table bases, and all of the service stations upstairs have been redone. There’s also a new gallery hanging work now (Hackett-Freedman closed and so now Dolby Chadwick is loaning work).

                    3. re: SarahOM

                      Beretta seems like a good fit; great cocktails, good food, and a sexy ambiance (well, I think so anyway). Plenty of bars and lounges nearby as well.


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                          Funny... I start lurking these boards because I am tired of the "oh you didn't know there was a thread on this already I will link it" thread police, or vacuous snarkiness of tightly wound people that just need to help you know what you are doing is wrong.... but I guest whether it's yelp, tribe, or here.... the internet is the internet no matter at what lovely site you prefer.

                          That being said:

                          I think I am your people, Sarah. I hate trendy and hipster, but I am into design, presentation, and "story" behind a restaurant and the community they are trying to create. I think Nopa fell flat... service, atmosphere, location. It is cavernous, it is loud. I dig what you are saying, but I might suggest staying away from places like Medjool or hipster crash pads. The battle of empty headed cool going on 'tween NY and SF (if you understand the abbreviations tee hee) is really making the Mission District a total disaster. But... that might be the best place for you as there are MANY MANY awesome choices for food and activity, with really lovely places like Beobab hidden perfectlly behind the awful awful bubble bar.

                          A good day:

                          BRUNCH: Foreign Cinema is fantastic.. brunch will have the best bacon you have ever had, dinner will have a lovely silent film projected on the wall.

                          LUNCH: You may want to try Monk's Kettle... nice pub food with about a billion (hyperbole) beers on tab and bottle with one of the best beer lists I have seen (at least, how it is laid out and put together)


                          I would say try Blue Plate in the Mission.. a comfort food approach to a finer (not fine) dining. It is for a simpler night.

                          I would say, hands down, "Range" in the Mission... a fantastic spot with an INCREDIBLE menu. Great concise wine list too. One of the best white Bordeaux's I have ever had (ashamed that, by the end of the night, my meal had washed my memory of most things including it's name).

                          Maybe Delfina?

                          1. re: pavlov

                            thank u so much pavlov! and thank you for posting something really useful for once in this board! i loved the recs! i will report back just for people like you