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May 10, 2009 07:25 AM

Sushi in central Westchester

We are looking for a good place for sushi for Mother's Day (and afterwards). Since my 22-year old son wants to pay, I don't want him to break the bank (read: recent college grad with limited income). From what I have read, Sushi Mike's (Dobbs Ferry) might be a good choice. For future reference, what are some reasonably-priced restaurants with good sushi/rolls, i.e. fresh fish, properly prepared? It would be nice to have good service and a nice ambience, too. (I did read the posts on sushi, but most of them were 2 years old.)

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  1. You could also try Fujinoya on Central Ave. just south(east) of the Four Corners.

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      I have heard that Fijinoya has a "miniumum" (I suppose at night) if you are ordering a la carte--which I like to do. If it was $30 in '08 I am sure it is much more now. I don't like that as I tend to be a light eater. This evening, for example, I won't be eating much as I had dental surgery on Friday and still find chewing pretty painful. Also, I haven't heard anything particularly good about Fujinoya. What is it that you like about the place? I have heard lots of good things about E Sushi (as well as Sushi Mike's). Any idea how the Hartsdale restaurants compare to Sushi Mike's?

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        I have never heard anything about a minimum at Fujinoya. On the other hand, I have never sat at the sushi counter and just ordered single items. Some of their pre-set combos cost less than $30, so that number sounds ridiculous. We tend to order a mixture of types of food, sushi and cooked, have always been happy and find he staff most pleasant. They are quite a small restaurant, so I have no desire to start a run on the place. For what it's worth, by far the greater part of their clientele are Japanese.

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          I read about that in a couple of posts. I guess if your orders have always come to $30 or more it hasn't been an issue. Actually $30 does not normally get one all that much sushi to begin with but it's just a shame to order what you want and then have to pay for more than you actually consumed. I guess I should call before going. Thanks for your feedback.

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            Certainly, the best way to answer this question is to talk to them directly, but I do think you have mistaken info. Their prices are quite reasonable in all other ways. Are you sure you are not confusing the info with that of Sushi Nanase in White Plains?

    2. I like E Sushi off of four corners in Hartsdale.

      1. Handa Sushi in Pleasantville is supposed to be good.

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          Have you eaten there yourself? If so, what did you have that was good? Thanks!

        2. Sushi Mike's is a good choice, albeit noisy and crowded on the weekends. An interesting selection of customized rolls that you won't find at most other places in the area. Very reasonable for lunch if you're in Dobbs Ferry. My Japanese neighbors swear by Sazan in Ardsley, but it is pricier, although more authentic.