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May 10, 2009 07:17 AM

Should we take a chance on Curriez?

The lady and I are thinking about going to Curriez in Seminole ($20 weekend buffet coupon for 2 :) ... but found some very negative reviews on the google map result for it.

Is Curriez any good lately? Should we go?

Thanks in advance guys!

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  1. I like Curriez but their buffet does not have tons of choices. I think the weekend version is a little bit bigger, but I would recommend Deeya's buffet if you are talking about going today. I am not sure on the price, but was at Deeya's Friday lunch buffet and was complimenting the owner on the array of dishes offered, including an actually truly spicy dish, "chili chicken". He mentioned that they were having an expanded brunch buffet today for Mother's Day. Deeya is my favorite of the Indian lunch buffets - a good combination of quality and quantity.

    Curriez has less choices but I think the quality is there on the buffet.

    We have young children so an Indian Mother's Day brunch is kind of out of the question.

    Deeya 5166 East Bay Drive, Largo, FL 33764 (In Tri-City Plaza next to CiCi's Pizza.)

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      Thanks Robert.. yes was thinking about going today.. hmm.. haven't been to Deeya in maybe 6 or 8 months or so... always thought it was pretty good.. I think they have changed ownership and have gotten even better during this timeframe am I correct?

      Well, for today it's either gonna be Taste of Punjab (been here once and liked it quite a bit); or Curriez (did find some very positive reviews on Yahoo local (some seemed fake however) and urban spoon.. the whole mix of very bad and very good reviews seems odd though; or the reliable Deeya.

      1. re: somnambulant

        I think Deeya changed ownership a little over a year ago, now. The new ownership has improved the lunch buffet a lot. I also like Taste of Punjab's lunch buffet, but am not sure what they would be doing today. When I went to TOP's a few weeks ago they had tandoori chicken, chicken korma, beef curry, saag paneer (spinach and cheese), aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower), some lentils, an appetizer, naan and dessert. The saag paneer was the standout dish.

        Deeya on Friday had the chili chicken, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, veg korma, potato and mixed veg curry, cauliflower masala, lentils, naan and fried potato fritter appetizer. Deeya has two rice choices, white or yellow and two dessert choices - rice pudding or mango pudding. The chili chicken was the standout dish.

        The last time I went to Curriez lunch buffet was about 2 months ago. They had only two meat dishes, tandoori chicken and chicken with fenugreek (which was the best dish). They also had naan, two or three veg dishes, and one dessert choice but no appetizer.

        Quality-wise, I like all three. All three have flavorful food and I would consider the quality to be in the same league, but Deeya's and TOP's quantity is a little greater.