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May 10, 2009 07:17 AM

Brewster Fish House in May

Having read all the reviews we thought we would give the Brewster Fish House a try next Sunday. I know they don't take reservations but what time would be good to go so that we aren't waiting a long time? TIA.

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  1. The earlier, the better when it comes to the Brewster Fish House, if you want to avoid a wait.....but in general, you should be pretty safe next Sunday. Once Memorial Day arrives, the lines get longer and longer. Enjoy your meal!

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      My Mom has been a 20+ year fan but was disappointed last time. Looking forward to a report.

    2. We didn't get to the Brewster Fish House as planned but we did go last night. When we arrived at 5:30 there wasn't a line and when we left at 7:30 there were open tables. We had a nice meal and are thinking of bringing my parents for their anniversary in June. I had the raspberry kir royale while my husband had his usual cocktail, a rusty nail. For first courses we had the tuna tartare and the Crispy Calamari. Both were good but I didn't really get a flavor of Asian black beans as advertised in the aioli with the Calamari. We liked the wine list which had 4 nice half bottles and a wide choice of wines by the glass. We had the Pouilly Fuisse half bottle with the first courses. For entrees we had the Duck Breast which came rare as requested and the Pan Roasted Monkfish. My husband was nervous that the blackberry sauce with the duck would be too sweet but it wasn't. The Monkfish was a little overcooked but not terribly. We ordered a glass of the California Barbera to go with the duck. For desserts we had the special strawberry soup with berries and sorbet ( my husband said the sorbet wasn't as good as mine-isn't he sweet?) and the dark chocolate devils food cake with the chocolate malted. The strawberry soup was fabulous while the chocolate cake was ok. My husband was thrilled that not only did they have armagnac on the list but a Danflou armagnac. He was in heaven. The bill came to $150 which we felt was reasonable.

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        I ate there last Friday night at the bar. I had tuna tartare. It was great. Love that place, just wish I'd been hungrier so I could have had a dinner!