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May 10, 2009 05:57 AM

Steak in Montreal

Can anyone recommend a good, casual place for steak in Montreal for next weekend? Atmosphere is a far second to the meat. Nothing overly stuffy. Any ideas?

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  1. gibbie's, Keg, Moishes, ... maybe "meat market"

    1. for casual, fireside on van horne or The Main on st-laurent

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        Fireside has good food but the atmosphere would definately come second. You won't find a sole in the restaurant under age 50. The steaks are good and so is the mixed grill. It reminds me of a more casual Moishes. They serve Cole Slaw and pickles to start. You also have a choice or Chicken soup or another soup of the day. The romanian eggplant is very good too. I also recommend the baked apple for dessert. If you like baked apple reserve it before the end of your meal sometimes they run out.
        I usually like this place for a Sunday night family dinner or a casual steak during the week. The menu is affordable and not everything is A la carte. I am almost 30 and I went here on a Saturday night with my boyfriend and another couple. I think even the waitress thought we were a little young. On the weekends it really is an older crowd. We wanted a good affordable steak though so we didn't care.

        1. re: Alyson777

          SteakFrites StPaul, on St. Paul or on Laurier, is a good choice also; I find it a good value
          and it's a byob.

          1. re: superbossmom

            not really a steakhouse per se, but Baton Rouge has a fun atmosphere, its a big chain, but not that bad. Keg is not fun, not sure why it was recommended. As for Fireside, ya, its great if you're over 60, its like the geriatric steakhouse, no offence to anyone... the other choices, well you have Mortys on Queen Mary, very good steaks and nice NYC style steakhouse, jazz music, etc.

      2. i like the steak at Marvin's

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