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steakhouse in Orange County

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I don't venture much in Orange County, so I thought I'd ask, what are my options in the way of good steakhouses in the OC?

By steakhouses, I mean dry aged, prime, with a section of cuts. I know that there is a Ruth's Chris, and Mortons, and a Fleming's. We've got them in LA, so no thank you.

Also, if there's any restaurants with an exceptional steak entree, but not necessarily a steakhouse, I'd like to hear about it as well. Thanks!

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  1. Three places come to mind in OC:

    1. Trabuco Oaks Steakhouse

    See my review:

    2. Lonestar Steakhouse

    See my review:

    3. Houstons in Irvine.

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        Another vote for The Bungalow. Excellent surfandturf, decidedly non-chain.

        Also, Riviera at the Fireside (Westminster right off the 405) does superb tableside dishes like Steak Diane. Very retro setting and service.

        1. re: ipse dixit

          yep ! they serve a very good ribeye steak at the bungalow.

      2. The Ritz (in fashion island)

        1. Have yet to find a decent traditional steakhouse restaurant in OC which is NOT part of a chain. We did have some like Dove St, but they all went out of bsns as far as I know. Trabuco Oaks way out there somewheres & Patty's Place in Seal Beach might be exceptions that prove the rule, but haven't tried either. The Cave in CM has mediocre steaks.
          Some hounds with noses in air may scoff, but as far as the chains go, the filets in Daily Grill & Maggiano's offer best value for frugal hounds. Excellent salads & breads enhance the experience in both, but do avoid the pasta at Maggiano's --stick to breads & salads. Ruth C, Morton's & Flemings are OK but pricey for what you get; also, we hate the butter on the steak at RC while others love it. Lonestar is just plain lousy & Outback middling. Claim Jumper has good & sometimes great steaks & potatoes but bread & sides are pis-poor.

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            Patty's place in SB is a mom and pop prime steak place. Good steaks, king crab legs, lobsters. Most nights Patty is the hostess. Great wine selection - Wine Spectator award of excellence 4 years in a row. Smaller dining room with excellent service. Nice bar area. Almost forgot - http://pattysplacerestaurant.com/wine...

          2. Stubrik's in Fullerton and Mission Viejo is YUMMY!

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              Have not had their steaks--but their beef stroganoff was good.

            2. The Alley @ PCH & Superior in Newport. Steak and seafood are featured on specials board.

              1. I like the Ruth's Chris in Irvine, it is the only one in SoCal that is any good, far superior to the Beverly Hills location. The NY strip and porterhouse are great, just don't bother with the au gratin potatoes as RC's version is terrible.

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                  Couldn't agree more about those au gratin potatoes. For such a great chain, that is a major faux pax on thei
                  Mr. J. Gainey
                  DLSE – Wage Claims
                  Page 02
                  July 23, 2004
                  r menu

                2. Any to add or remove from this list since 2004?

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                    I haven't been there since we moved east in 04 but I always liked Gulliver's in Irvine. It's across the street from the Orange County Airport

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                      Mastro's (2 locations) is probably the greatest addition. Stubrik's in MV has been closed a few years now (that location seems to be jinxed) but Fullerton still exists. Gulliver's is not so much steak as it is prime rib...and it's very good there.

                      I think far and away the best most unique place to go is Trabuco Oaks.

                      1. re: RSMBob

                        Overland Stage Steakhouse, in the Coast Anaheim Hotel, is a very good steakhouse. The service there is always great. Too bad they are building a Morton's right next door.

                    2. I have to say I lived in Mission Viejo for 20 years and just went to Trabuco Steakhouse for the first time just a few months ago. I have to say I wasn't impressed. Nothing really stood out about the meal. The ambience is nice and unique however I don't think I will be going back for more. I had a better steak at Lone Star.