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May 9, 2009 10:44 PM

Chinese cookware for Mom's Day present

I'd like to buy some new cookware for my mom, maybe 2 or 3 really good pieces, and I know she wants some that are good for Chinese cooking. In the past she's talked about not wanting to buy All-Clads b/c they don't "cool off fast enough," which is important, especially for stir fry(??). Any recommendations, particularly for whichever brand makes the best wok, would be appreciated.

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  1. I would go with a carbon steel wok for weight reasons.. It will cool off fast enough. There are almost too many choices so shop around.

    A lot of Chinese moms I know, are now switching to a 5 ply, stainless wok.. these cost from $60 (sunpentown) - $200 (buffalo) you don't get carbon seasoning, it's a little different how the food cooks. It is easier to clean.. many Asian home dishes have tomato sauce and SS is better for that.

    Whatever you choose make sure it is NOT NON-STICK

    I would also look into La Creuset or Staub in the 2.5-3 Qt Range, they make good Chinese clay pot dishes, and Western cooking too.. (as opposed to $5 chinese clay pots that have a coat of enamel brushed on the inside)

    I found this amazon sub-store called buy wok last night, check it out

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        One thing I'd also recommend is that unless she's used to lifting around heavy pans, a non-gigantic wok could be better for weight. Also one that has a little tiny handle on the opposite side of the big handle, makes it way easier for carrying. Bonus points if this is not going to get hot, but is of some cooler material than the pan metal.