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May 9, 2009 10:06 PM

Pho Linh

I went to Pho Linh today, little off the beaten path for me but at least there's streetcar service albeit slow and infrequent with the 506. Anyways, very good pho! Broth light, but still very flavorful and not overly salty like other pho joints. I think they use fresh rice noodles here in the soup-can anyone confirm this? They added nice taste to soup. My only beef was with the beef, although fresh eye of round is used it was not as paper thin as I'm used to. Saw made an apperance on the accompanying herb plate-always nice to see.

Also-I had my first run-in with Banh Cuon at Pho Linh. Wow these bites are delicious and another one of my pleasant discoveries into vietnamese cuisine. The rice wrapping is thin, delicate and fresh and a nice contrast to the ground pork, wood ear filling. Fried shallots and cliantro topping was nice too.

Thanks to aser and pinstripe for guiding me to my banh cuon discovery!

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  1. I thought this spot was nice, but not worth a trek as nearby Pho Hung has a tastier pho.

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      1. I used to enjoy going to Pho Linh, but I find that they can be inconsistent sometimes...sometimes the banh cuon is made with a really thin wrapper and with a nice "chew" whereas sometimes, its really thick and comes to the table cold. However, I like the big plate of herbs that come with the soup!

        1. i haven't actually ever been to pho linh before though i really keep meaning to... but i find the bahn cuon at pho phuong quite serviceable.

          an excellent rendition can be found at the thanh truc bahn cuon place that redearth reported but i found everything else at that location to be poor in comparision to phoga bahn cuon st clair, which has the best "cupcake" (floury beany cake with shrimp, though it's not on top but in it which isn't quite right) i've had in the city. i wouldn't actually get the phoga at bahn cuon st clair because i found it wasn't very chickeny in the broth and almost seemed to be cut with beef. though they cooked the chicken breast quite well.

          1. Glad you liked it......

            I suggest you try the banh cuon at Que Ling and then Thanh Truc Bahn Cuon (redearth's find, credit's due). I find the banh cuon at Pho Phuong to be a bit too thick for my liking.

            Finally get yourself to Pho My Duyen, great pho there, bun bo hue too. No banh cuon though.

            I have a stockpile of pics from all these places, really need to up them on flickr....

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              yes I had planned on trying Que Ling on Saturday but didn't make it cuz of the rain so I am scheduling next weekend hopefully. It's a shame they are only for lunch eh? Pho My Duyen is what near Bloor and Landesdown?

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                It's at Bloor and Brock, NE side. Closer to Dufferin if you're taking ttc. They're open till 10pm I think.

                Que Ling is open until 7pm, so it's doable for dinner if you catch it before that. It's closed on Tues or Wed though, one of the two. I've been burned before by that....

                Pho My Duyen
                1208 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H, CA

              2. re: aser

                I tried Que Ling today...not really impressed at all considering it had been on my 'to try' list for sometime now. I had the small pho tai-broth was quite salty nothing special, beef was just a few curled up scraps not the thin sheets I'm used to. As for the banh cuon it was pretty good but I prefer Pho Linh's version. The Banh Cuon was a bigger portion than Pho Linh's and the filling was bigger inside each roll but the rice paper wrap didn't taste as fresh as Pho Linh's. There was also a really awful putrid smell inside the joint-perhaps from a recent durian order? Anways am a little disappointed. I guess Pho My Duyen is on my hit list next.

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                  Que Ling is shackey to say the least, I admit the surroundings is not for everybody. 9 times out of 10 I order the bun bo hue over the pho, I suggest you give that a try. Not just at Que Ling but anywhere that offers it. It's not for the faint of heart as it does have a ham hock sitting in the broth...

                  I'll have to revisit the pho there, it's been a while.


                  Appreciate your followups, let me know how Pho My Duyen goes.

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                    Is that the Bun Bo Hue in the pic? Sorry am not familiar with that type of dish but I'll have to give it a try. Yes it's a unglamorous pho shack but the smell was rather offputting and the pho was not as good as I had imagined it to be given rave reviews. And I will go anywhere for good food! Although props as always for including saw in the herb plate, service was friendly and I did note that a lot of locals from the area had popped in for a bite when I was there.

                    The hunt continues...