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May 9, 2009 07:09 PM

More closing in Delray Beach

Walked down Atlantic tonight on my way to Elwoods and found that Louis Louis has closed down. I was quite surprised as it has been a reasonable mainstay on the Avenue for a number of years.

But worse ........... we get to Elwoods, music's playing, we order our drinks and then ask for a menu. Sorry says the waitress we don't do food any more. Well that sucked because we were in the mood to hang at Elwoods for the evening but we were hungry. On our way out I asked the waitress why no food any longer. And she told me the devastating news. ELWOODS IS CLOSING DOWN. I am really upset because I do go there pretty regularly, it has always been somewhere cheap and cheerful to hang out with great music. Apparently it's been sold and will be closing, reopening as something else all together.

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  1. and I also spotted the Neighborhood Grill and Sports Bar in Boca on Federal has shut too.

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    1. re: smartie

      When I was in the area in March, tNeighborhood was closed.

      Granted, I'm only in Delray one week of the year, but Elwood's always seemed packed whenever I drove or walked (tried to) by.

      Is there something where Aspen Jack's was now?

      1. re: Fibber McGee

        nope Aspen Jacks is still empty. Wonder if the new Elwoods owner will expand in there?

    2. Well that just sucks. Where the hell am I going to park my bike?

      1. Yeah I would definitely say this sucks. I've never been much of an Elwoods patron but I love the energy it brings to delray. Always good live music to catch as you're walking by. There's something about hearing a good live rock band blasting through the streets that makes the downtown feel alive. Plus the Thursday Elvis impersonator is a delray beach tradition.

        It's like when the original city limits closed.

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        1. re: coffeyucf

          Sign says Elwoods will be closing for good Saturday night. Also says "Reopening this fall as Johnny Browns - with Elvis back" (or something like this).

          If they are smart they will simply clean it up and jack up the prices. A slightly more sanitary, slightly more "upscale" (but not too much), more edible Elwoods would work fine I believe.

          Meanwhile, work is underway on converting old Louie Louie into "Vic and Angelo's Annex" or something to that effect.

          Work is also continuing on Linda Bean's "Maine Lobster Roll" place directly across the street (old eyeglass store/doctor).

          And just on the other side of old Louie Louie (on 2nd), an Italian Ice type store is ready to open anyday.

          1. re: CFByrne

            I dunno CFB I like Elwoods as it is, it's unpretentious and there's nothing else like it. I will be on Atlantic tomorrow night so I will hang out for a little while at Elwoods, hope they have the Dillingers playing for the last time.

            1. re: smartie

              Oh I like it the way it is too... I'm just saying, someone's probably not buying it and closing for 3 or 4 months (presumably for renovations) and then reopening it "as it is". So the "next best thing" would be if it reopens "as it is" but cleaned up a bit and probably more expensive (anytime a place closes for vacation, renovation etc, that's when the menu is going to change (i.e. go up!)). I love the open air gas station look/feel and I would hate to see that go - I hope they keep as much as possible of the Old Elwoods.

              1. re: CFByrne

                I hope it still has the open feel to it so it remains a bar snacks, beer and smokey kinda place, certainly those bathrooms need fixing up!

        2. The full scoop on Elwood's.

          "Meanwhile, in Delray Beach, two Pittsburgh restaurateurs have snared Elwood's Dixie Barbecue, a landmark hangout and biker bar..."

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          1. re: CFByrne

            thanks CFB, not sure about the name, it will always be Elwoods to me.

          2. Not closing... but opening: We now have the moderataly priced Tryst, the new moderately priced "Elwoods" coming, and now in the old Louie Louie location, another moderately priced eatery on the Ave...

            "The creator of Vic & Angelo's has dreamed up a new restaurant concept featuring American food, craft beers — and affordable prices... The Office will feature burgers, beers, plus seafood and steaks in the former Louis Louis space on trendy Atlantic Avenue... plans are to open by Thanksgiving.